Install on a Child's Windows Laptop

Applies to: Free trial and Premium Members with a Child using a Windows device

Excludes: Windows devices owned by Schools

Article type: Fundamental steps

Download and Install

Your Parent's app will help you manage the online activity on your Child's Windows laptop or desktop. Premium Members can also schedule access to the internet based on daily Routine times for School day and Rest days (weekends and school breaks). 

Before you start, install Family Zone Connect on to your phone or tablet:

On your Child's Windows laptop:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Go to the bottom of the page
  4. At the Downloads prompt, click to the right of Save as
    Select Save
  5. Click on the installer warning
  6. Select Keep
  7. At the second warning message, click Show more
  8. Click Keep anyway

Give the installer a few minutes to download.

Open the Installer

  1. After the download is complete, click Open file
  2. At the warning, click Yes
  3. At the Windows protected message, click More info
  4. Click Run anyway

The default, higher-level security settings are shown here. If the security settings have been changed on this computer, some of the warnings will not be displayed.

Run the Installer

  1. At Setup, click Next
  2. Click and read the End User License Agreement
    Click Next
  3. At Ready to Install, click Next
    Allow the installer to run
  4. At Completing the Installer Wizard
    Note the Family Zone icon in the tool tray
    Click Finish and continue to the next steps

Assign the Windows Device to Your Child

Set your Child as the default user of this Windows device. Family Zone will apply age appropriate monitoring of the internet content they are accessing. 

  1. Click the Family Zone icon in the Tool Tray (lower-right of the screen)
  2. Sign in with your email and password
  3. Type a name for the Windows device
  4. Select your Child's name as the Device Owner
  5. Click ASSIGN
    Your Child's name and monitoring status will be displayed
    Click on the Tool Tray icon again to hide the Family Zone window
  6. Restart the computer

Close all open tabs. Family Zone is now monitoring internet content on your Child's Windows device. Insights and Premium Members can access current activity, weekly reports, and snapshots from their phone or tablet. See the Related Articles below to install the Parent's app.

Premium Members can use filters & rules to ensure a child sees age-appropriate online content. Premium Members can also set up Device Borrowing, for devices more than one Child needs to use.

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