Install and Setup a Child's MacOS Computer

Applies to: Free trial and Premium Members with a Child using a MacOS computer

Excludes: Apple computers owned by Schools

Article type: Fundamental steps

Download and Install

Your Parent's app will help you manage the online activity on your Child's MacOS laptop or desktop. Premium Members can also schedule access to the internet based on daily Routine times for School day and Rest days (weekends and school breaks).

Before you start, install Family Zone Connect on to your phone or tablet:

On your Child's Mac:

  1. Open the Safari browser, go to
    At the bottom of the page, click DOWNLOAD FOR MAC
  2. At the Apple Warning, click CONTINUE WITH DOWNLOAD
  3. In Downloads, open the Mobile Zone Installer
    If a password is required, enter the Mac user name and password
  4. At the Setup, click Next
    At the End User License Agreement EULA, use the link to read the details and click Next
    At Ready to Install, click Next
    At Installing, wait for the install to run
  5. At the "... System Certificate Trust Settings" window
    In User Name, type the Mac administrator's name
    In Password, type the Mac administrator's password
    Click Update Settings
  6. At the completion window, click Finish
    Continue to the next steps

Assign the Mac to Your Child

Set your Child as the default user of this Mac. Family Zone will apply age appropriate monitoring of the internet content they are accessing.

  1. In the upper-right, roll your mouse over the Notifications
    Click Options and select Allow
  2. At the upper Mac menu bar, click on the Family Zone icon
  3. In the Welcome window, enter your Family Zone Parent email and Password
    Click SIGN IN
  4. In Assign device, type a short name for this device
    Use letters, numbers, and spaces
    Do not use special characters like $, #, !
  5. Click to the right of the Family member
  6. Select the default Family member for this device
  7. Click ASSIGN
    You will see your Child's name and current Routine (Play, Study, Sleep or School)
    Click on the Family Zone menu bar icon or away from the window to close it
  8. Click on the Family Zone menu bar icon to show or hide the window
    Restart your Child's Mac to clear out any open items and load Family Zone

Family Zone is now monitoring the internet content on your Child's Mac. Insights and Premium Members can access current activity, weekly reports, and snapshots from a Parent's phone or tablet. 

Premium Members can use filters & rules to ensure a child sees age-appropriate online content. Premium Members can also set up Device Borrowing, for devices shared by multiple family members.

Find useful advice from our Cyber Experts on what types of content and apps are appropriate for your Child's age group. Discover tips for how to talk to your kids about cyber safety, too.

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