Install on a Child's Chromebook

Applies to: Free trial and Premium Members 

Parent's device: iOS or Android 

Child's device: Chromebook

Excludes: School managed Chromebooks

Article type: Fundamental steps

Install the Connect Extension

Your Parent's app will help you manage the online activity on your Child's Chromebook. Premium Members can also schedule access to the internet based on daily Routine times for School day and Rest days (weekends and school breaks).

Before you start

If you have not already installed Family Zone Connect on to your phone or tablet:

If your Child does not have a Google (Gmail) account, create one with an age of 14 years or older to allow the Connect App to manage your Child's internet. 

Do not use your Google account (this would give your Child access to your email). An account with a birthday under 14 year olds is not compatible with Connect as it is controlled exclusively by Google.

Download the Extension

On your Child's Chromebook:

  1. Be sure you are signed in to the Chromebook with your Child's email and password
    In the Chrome browser, go to
    At the bottom of the page, click DOWNLOAD FOR CHROMEBOOK
  2. Click Add to Chrome
  3. Click Add extension
  4. At the top-right, click the Family Zone Connect icon

Assign the Device to Your Child

Set your Child as the default user of this laptop. The Connect Extension will apply age appropriate monitoring of the internet content they are accessing.

  1. In the upper-right, click the puzzle icon
    Click the push pin icon next to Family Zone
  2. Click the Family Zone Connect icon
  3. At Welcome, enter your email and password (your Family Zone Parent account)
    Click SIGN IN 
  4. At Assign Device 
    Type a short name you will recognize
    Click on your Child's name in the Family list
  5. You will see your Child's name and Routine for this time of day (Play, Study, School or Sleep)
    In the upper-right, click the Connect icon again to close this window 
  6. Power off the Chromebook
    Wait 10-20 seconds and power on the Chromebook
    Sign in to the Chromebook with your Child's email and password 

Family Zone is now monitoring the internet content on your Child's Chromebook. Insights and Premium Members can access Recent Activity, Usage, and weekly Snapshots from a Parent's phone or tablet. 

Premium Members can use filters & rules to ensure your Child sees age-appropriate online content. Premium Members can also set up Device Borrowing, for devices shared by multiple family members.

What's the Difference?

Family Zone helps Parents and Schools monitor every device everywhere. 

Connect Apps for Android and for iOS

A mobile app used by Parents to connect to their Child's internet activity. The same app is installed on a Child's phone or tablet. The Parents can sign into either their Android or iOS App and see all of their Child's devices running Family Zone.

Connect Agent for Windows 10 and MacOS

Software running on a Child's laptop or computer. This software helps Parents and Schools connect to a Child's internet activity.

Connect Chrome Extension

A product added to the Chrome web browser to help School's share a Child's School Journey with Parents. Primarily used on Chromebooks. May be used in Chrome running on Windows 10 and MacOS when the Connect Agent is NOT installed.

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