How to View Installed Apps in a Web Browser?

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: May not be available in the US

Article type: Optional steps

From a computer:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. In Family, click on a User (Child)
  3. Click Apps
  4. Click on the app name to see our Cyber Experts review of the app for your Child's age group 
  5. Look in the left menu for Insights, click on Apps to return to the list, and see other app reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this show the apps installed on laptops?

No, it only shows the apps installed on iOS (Apple) 

What does the information mean?

  • App Name - The name of the app from the app store
  • Rating - Your chosen Cyber Experts rating for that app
  • Category - The app category in the respective app store
  • Age Rating - The app store recommended age
  • Platform - iOS or Android - the type of device the app is installed on

How can I get more information about the apps?

If you click on the app name you’ll be able to see your Cyber Experts review of the app.

Why can't I see the apps installed on my child’s Apple iOS device?

When an Apple device managed by your Child's school, Family Zone runs in Filter-Only Mode. The school's controls and privacy settings limit what outside apps can see on the school-managed device.

Monitoring Options

Parent's can see information about their Child's Android or iOS phones and tablets from the Family Zone app or the Web portal.

  • Location and Recent Activity - the last known location of a mobile device and its internet activity
  • Apps - a list of the apps installed on iOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Usage - comparison details of the amount of time spent by type of activity
  • Snapshots - searchable weekly overview of family members' online activities