Reset Internet Filtering Rules in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Members signing on as a Parent on an iOS device

Article type: Advanced options

Reset Internet Filtering and Rules

Parents may want to restore their Internet filtering and blocking rules to the default settings. Resetting the rules removes any manual overrides a Parent added.

On a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Sign in to the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. In Settings, tap Internet filters & rules
  3. Select the Age Profile
    The Children in this age group are listed below
    A blue mark appears on custom rules 
  5. Tap RESTORE DEFAULTS to remove all customizations for this age group
  6. At the Restore defaults message, tap YES
  7. As desired, select another filter type
    Repeat the steps to clear customizations

You are done. Close the Family Zone app. Changes will sync with your Child's devices within 2 minutes of their device connecting to the internet.

Internet Filters & Rules Options

As a Parent, you may want to customize our recommended Internet filters and rules for:

  • Web categories (Dating, Education,  Government, Hate Speech ...)
  • Search engines, SafeSearch, and streaming media (YouTube, Google, Bing ...)
  • Websites (specific web addresses)
  • Device features (Camera, In-App Purchases, App Installs ...)
  • Alerts and consequences (optional locking devices, parent notifications)
  • Social networks and games (Minecraft Online, Skype, Tinder, Twitter ...)
  • Advanced (Malware, Piracy, New Websites ...)