Resend a Shared Parenting Invitation in the Android App

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members logging on as a Parent in the Android app

Article type: Advanced options

Resend a Shared Parent Invitation

Sometimes the other parent or caregiver cannot find the email inviting them to use their Family Zone account to monitor your Child. To resend the Invite, you will delete the current one and send the Invite again.

On the Primary Parent's Android phone or tablet:

After you Sign in to Family Zone as a Parent

  1. In Family, tap on your Child's name
  2. In the upper-right, tap Edit
  3. In SHARED PARENTING, tap Cancel invite
    At the Withdraw invitation confirmation, tap REMOVE
  4. In Enter parent email, re-enter the other parent's email address
    Tap Send an invite
    A brief Invite sent confirmation message will display at the bottom of your screen

Another email will be sent to the other Parent. If the other Parent does not Accept or Decline the invitation, you can Resend again or Cancel the invitation.