Manage In-App Purchases in the Android App

Applies to: Premium Members with Children using iOS 12 (2018) and older devices

Excludes: Children using iPads and iPhones running iOS 13 (2019) and newer, Children using Android devices

Article type: Advanced options

Block In-App Purchases on iOS

On a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Sign into Family Zone as a Parent
  2. In Family, tap your Child's name
  3. Move down and tap Internet filter & rules
  4. In Web categories, tap Device features
  5. Tap the Permit in App Purchases (on iOS)
    Gray blocks in-app purchases on iOS 12 and older devices
    Blue allows in-app purchases on iOS devices

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the change takes effect?

Rule changes take around 30 seconds (but up to 2 minutes) to take effect on the user’s device.

Can I allow In App Purchases remotely?

Sort of, you can permit in App purchases for a short time to allow them to complete their purchase and then block it again.

If I’ve blocked my child from In App Purchasing how do I allow it?

If you want to complete an in App purchase on your Child’s iPhone or iPad, use their iOS device. Open Family Zone and tap the gear at the top-right. Login with your Parent PIN. Go to the App Store and complete the purchase. After verifying the purchase is running, go back to Family Zone and logout to restore the filtering. See also, How to Temporarily Turn Off Filtering on a Child's iOS Device?

How can I stop my Child from making a Google Play purchase on their Android device?

Parents can block Children from making purchases by setting up the account with your email and requiring a password to make a purchase in Google Play. Do not share your password with your Child and do not allow your Child's fingerprint ID to authorize purchases.  See