Manage Alert Emails from the Android App

Applies to: Premium Members logging into the Android app as a Parent

Article type: Advanced options

Unsafe Behavior Emails

Family Zone sends emails and notifications to Parents to alert them to potential problems with a Child's phone or tablet. A Parent can use the following steps to turn off or turn on alerts about a Child's mobile device.

On a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Sign in to the Connect App as a Parent
  2. In Settings, tap Internet filters & rules
  3. Tap Web categories 
  4. Select Alerts and consequences
  5. Confirm your Child's name appears above the settings
  6. Look at the choices under SEND NOTIFICATIONS
    Tampering - Child adds software to run outside of or bypass Family Zone
    Violated or jailbroken - Child disables or erases Family Zone in the Android or iOS operating system
    New Apps are installed - Child adds new apps of any type
  7. Tap to turn off or turn on the notification and email message
    Blue is on
    Gray is off
  8. At the top of the screen, tap the Age Profile
    Select the next age range
    Note your Child's name is listed under the Age Profile
  9. Repeat the steps for turning on or off the notifications
  10. Tap Family or close the Connect App when finished  

Push Notifications and Email Alerts

Discussions of cyber safe activities between family members is important. Family Zone uses notifications and emails to help Parents and Children know what online activities to talk about.

  • Push Notifications on Mobile Devices
    - turned on or off in the Android or iOS Settings

    Examples: When turned on, a Child gets an onscreen reminder when Play time is about to run out. Or, a Parents get an onscreen message when a Child is requesting access to a website or online activity.

  • To Do Notifications and Emails for Parents
    - permanently ignore an Alert in the To Do section

    Example: A Child's mobile phone or tablet has not been seen for 14 days and a Parent knows the device is broken. Parents open the To Do and use Ignore to permanently remove the message.

  • Weekly Reports Emails
    - turned off in the Parent's app by going to Settings > Reports & Usage

    Example: Email summarizing the percentages and types of internet usage for tracked Users under 18. (Family members 18 years and older are not tracked by default.)

  • Device Notifications by Age Profile 
    - advanced options can be turned off in the Parent's app by going to Settings > Internet filters & rules > Alerts & Consequences

    Example: Parents can track a Child installing apps or tampering with their mobile device. The monitoring applies to all children in the specified age group in the Family. Applies to Premium Members only.

  • Australia and New Zealand School Community Emails
    - turned off in the Parent's app by going to Settings > Reports & Usage

    Example: Family Zone Partner Schools can invite Parents to share the data used to manage a Child's device. Parents who accept the invitation receive a weekly report of the Child's online activity inside school.

    In US Schools, contact your School IT to change your email settings.