Connect a Child to a US School in the Android App

Applies to: New Insights and Premium Members using Android devices

Exclusive to schools participating in a program to share school time web history with Parents

Article type: Fundamental steps

Link to Your Child's School

Family Zone helps Parents keep their children safe and responsible online. Selected schools are participating in a program to share online activity monitoring with Parents. New customers are invited to link to their Child's school the first time they installed Family Zone on a Parent's Android or iOS phone or tablet. 

On a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Complete the steps in How to Install and Set Up the Android App?
  2. When you see your Child's name
    A blue and white check mark links your Child and their School
    You can tap until you see a gray mark, if you do not want to link your Child and their School
  4. Tap in the date of birth box
  5. Tap on the small year
    Select your Child's year of birth
    Tap on your Child's birth Month and Day 
  6. Repeat the steps for all Children you are linking
  7. At Family, you can tap on your Child's name to see Recent Activity
    Family Zone Snapshot reports will be available each week
    You will receive Alerts for risky online activities

Family Zone has pre-set recommendations for appropriate content and apps your Child accesses in the home. The home cyber safety is based on the birthday you entered. Parents will see explanations in the Alerts and Reports from Cyber Experts on how to talk to your Child about the hazards of the apps or websites your Child is accessing based on their age.

Your Child's school has their own set of customized, advanced systems to protect the students while they are connected to the School network. By linking your Child to the School, a Parent has the data to compare the internet activity at school to potentially risky internet activity at home. 

Family Zone automatically switches between the Home and School content monitoring as your Child travels with their device between locations.