Install Connect on a Parent’s Android

Applies to: Existing Insights and Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand

Devices: Android phones and tablets

How to Install Family Zone for Parents

Family Zone lets kids be kids - and empowers parents to be parents. The Parent version of the Connect App must be installed and set up before you install Connect on any of your Child's devices.

Get Connect in the Play Store

On a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. In Google Play, search for the Family Zone Connect app
  2. Tap Install
  3. Open Family Zone after it downloads
  4. Tap Sign in
  5. Enter your account email address and password, then tap Sign in
  6. Read the legal information, then tap Accept
  7. Tap Parent, for who will be using the device

If you are already using fingerprint or face ID "biometrics" on your Android phone or tablet, you can use it to lock your Family Zone settings. You can change the biometric sign-in at any time.

What is the difference between a password and a PIN?


Parents use a password to add, edit or remove details about the Family members. The password are needed to make changes to billing and subscriptions. Passwords are used to turn off tracking, remove devices from the Family, and uninstall Family Zone from a Child's device.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) 

A Parent uses their PIN to authorize changes such as changing Sleep time to Play or Study time. Parents have the option to also set a PIN for a Child. The PIN is used to borrow a phone, tablet or computer with the access level set by the Parent.

Fingerprint ID and Face ID (biometric) Logins 

The "biometric login" is used by a Parent to prevent a Child from opening the Connect app on a Parent's phone. Biometric data is stored on a phone or tablet and cannot be accessed by Family Zone.

Add your Child's Details

Use the steps below to add a child to your Family Zone account:

  1. Tap + Child in the top right of screen
  2. Type in your Child’s First and Last Name
  3. Tap in the Date of Birth
  4. Select the year, month and day of your Child’s birthday
  5. Tap Ok
  6. Tap Done

Use your Connect app to access summaries and alerts about your Child's internet activity. Family Zone will send helpful explanations of the age-appropriate safety or risks of the web content that your Child is accessing. If desired, a Parent can add filtering and blocking to help protect your Child.

Turn On Auto-Update

Both new and existing members should turn on Android auto-update to ensure you have the most recent security updates for all apps.

  • In the Google Play Store, tap your name > Settings > General > Network preferences > Auto-update apps > Over Wi-Fi only

More information on auto-update is available from Google at 

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