Install on a Child's iPhone or iPad

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members 

Child's device: iPhone or iPad  

How to Install Family Zone for Children

Install the Connect App on a Parent's phone or tablet and create a Family Zone account first.

After you set up your Parent's app, take the following steps to install Family Zone on your Child's devices. Use your Family Zone account (email and password) to complete the steps.

Download the Connect App

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the App Store, find Family Zone Connect 
    Tap GET 
  2. Enter the password for this Apple ID 
    Tap Install 
  3. Tap OPEN 

Install the Connect App

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Tap Sign in
  2. Read the legal documents and tap Next 
  3. Enter the Parent email and password for your Family Zone account
    Tap Sign in 
  4. Tap Child 
  5. Tap your Child's name 
    If it is not listed, tap + Add at the top-right 

Download the Family Zone Profile

The Family Zone profile contains the settings for the secure filtering of web content on your Child's phone or tablet. 

  1. At the "To protect this device ..." message, tap NEXT 
  2. At The Family Zone profile, tap DOWNLOAD PROFILE 
  3. At Profile Downloaded, tap Close 
  4. At the "... download a configuration profile" message, tap Allow 

Install Profile in Apple Settings 

  1. Open the iOS Settings and tap Profile Downloaded 
  2. Tap Install 
  3. Enter the passcode for this iPhone or iPad
    Tap Next 
    Tap Install
  4. Tap Trust 
  5. Wait 5-10 seconds for the Device to sync
    In App Management Change, tap Manage 
  6. When you see VPN > Connected, tap < Back

Allow Location Tracking 

  1. Return to the Connect App 
    Tap Done 
  2. At Location, tap ALLOW 
  3. When you see "Connect active" (Insights) or Play, Study, School or Sleep (Premium)
    Restart the device to close open connections
    Return the phone or tablet to your Child 

Insights and Premium Members will be able to access Recent Activity, Weekly Reports, and Snapshots of your Child's web content. We will send you Alerts of risky internet activity. Our Online Safety Experts provide advice to Parents with information on apps, activity, and alerts.

Parents with a Premium Membership can turn on optional blocking and schedules for their Child's internet access.

Steps for iOS 15 iCloud Private Relay

If your family has a paid subscription to iCloud, verify the Private Relay is turned off. The iCloud Private Relay prevents monitoring of web content on your Child's iPhone or iPad.

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the iOS Settings, tap on your Child's Apple ID 
  2. Tap iCloud 
  3. Go down and tap Private Relay 
  4. Ensure the Private Relay slider is off (gray)
    Tap the < left arrow at the top of the screen to back out of the iOS Settings
    Restart your Child's iOS Device 


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