Install on a Child's iPhone or iPad

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members with Children using iOS Devices 

Article type: Fundamental steps

How to Install Family Zone for Children

Install Family Zone on a Parent's Android or iOS device and create a Family Zone account first.

After the Parent's account is set up, take the following steps to install Family Zone on your Child's devices. You will need your Parent email and password to complete the following steps.

On the Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the App Store, Install and Open Family Zone
  2. Sign in with your Parent email and password
  3. Tap CHILD
  4. Tap on your Child's name
    If your Child's name is not on the list, tap + Add
    Enter their details
  6. Tap Allow

Install Profile

The Family Zone profile provides secure filtering of the content your Child accesses through the internet. 

  1. After the Profile downloads, tap Close
  2. Press the button at the bottom of the device to go to the home screen
    Open to the Apple Settings
  3. Tap Profile Downloaded
  4. Tap Install
  5. Enter the passcode for your Child's device
  6. Tap Trust
  7. In the upper-right, tap Done

Device Location

We recommend turning on Location Tracking. You will be able to see the last known Location of your Child's device.

  1. Go back to Family Zone
  2. At Would you like to track the location of this device?
    Tap ALLOW
  3. Tap Always Allow
    Newer versions of iOS may not offer Always Allow, see the steps in How to Turn On Location Tracking on iOS Devices?
  4. You will see your Child's name and status
    Insights Members will see Active
    Premium Members will see the current Routine time - Play, Study, School or Sleep (shown here)

You are done. 

Family Zone will monitor the types of online activity your Child is connecting to. Insights and Premium Members will be able to access Recent Activity, Weekly Reports, and Snapshots of your Child's web content. We will send you Alerts of risky internet activity. Our Cyber Experts provide advice to Parents with information on apps, activity, and alerts.

Parents with a Premium Membership can turn on optional blocking and schedules for their Child's internet access.

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