Install on a Child's Android

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members with Children using Android phones and tablets

Article type: Fundamental steps

How to Install Family Zone for Children

Install the Connect App on a Parent's Android or iOS device and create a Family Zone account first.

After the Parent's account is set up, take the following steps to install the Connect App on your Child's devices. You will need your Parent email and password to complete the following steps.

On the Child's  phone or tablet:

  1. In Google Play, find and install the Family Zone Connect app 
    Tap Open
  2. Enter your Parent email and password
    Tap Sign in 
  3. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    Tap Accept 
  4. Tap Child 
  5. Select your Child's name from the list

    If your Child's name has not been added, go to the upper-right and tap + Add
    Enter your Child's First name, Last name, and Date of birth

Next, you will set the Android Device Permissions.

Location Permission

As a Parent, you have the option to turn on Location tracking to find the last known location of your Child's phone or tablet.

Your settings may look slightly different depending on your Child's phone manufacturer and the manufacturer's version of Android. Android 11 (2020) is shown here. (If your Child uses an older version of Android, the Connect App will open the menu. If you need more help with older versions of Android and Location settings, see Troubleshooting Location on Mobile Devices.)

  1. Recommended. At Track the device location, tap Allow 
  2. At Enable device location, tap OPEN SETTINGS 
  3. At the Connect App Info, tap Permissions 
  4. At App Permissions, tap Location 
  5. Tap Allow all the time 
  6. In the upper-left tap the back arrow until you return to the Connect App 
  7. Tap Allow 

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Device Admin and VPN Permissions

  1. Under Device Administrator, tap Allow 
  2. Tap Activate this device admin app 
  3. Under VPN, tap Allow
  4. Tap OK 

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Usage Access and Battery Permissions

  1. Under Usage access, tap Allow 
  2. Tap Next 
  3. At Usage access, tap Connect App 
  4. At Permit usage access, tap the toggle until it is blue (on)
    In the upper left, tap the back arrow until you return to the Connect App 
  5. At Exclude Family Zone Connect from battery optimisation, tap Allow 
  6. At Let app always run in the background?, tap Allow

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Accessibility Service Permissions

  1.  At Accessibility service, tap Allow 
  2. Tap Next 
  3. At Accessibility, tap Connect App 
  4. At Allow Connect App to have full control of your device?, tap Allow 

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Download a Certificate Authority

The Connect App adds a certificate authority to secure and monitor your Childs device when it connects to websites.

  1. Under Certificate authority, tap Allow
    Android 11 (2020) and  Android 10 (2019) - use the steps below
    Android 9 (2018) and older - follow the on-screen prompts, then restart your Child's device
  2. At Install CA certificates in Settings, tap Close 
  3. Open Chrome or a web browser
    Go to (our secure diagnostic web page) 
  4. The diagnostic web page will redirect you to ""
    At Browser certificate, tap INSTALL 
  5. At your data won't be private, tap Install anyway 
    This allows our system to secure and inspect the websites your Child's device connects to
  6. At Browser certificate, again tap INSTALL 
  7. At Install CA certificates in Settings, tap Close 

Install the CA Certificate

  1. In your Android Settings, tap in Search settings  
  2. Start typing "CA certificate"
    Tap on CA certificate 
  3. At Install a certificate, tap CA certificate 
  4. At your data won't be private
    Tap Install anyway
  5. At Recent, tap on the ca_cert.crt
    A "Certificate successfully installed" message will briefly be displayed
  6. Exit settings and open the Connect App
    Tap Done

Restart the Android

The Connect App is set up. 

  • Restart your Child's Android phone or tablet 

Family Zone Connect will monitor the apps and internet activity. Use your Parent app to keep your Child cyber safe. Your app will send you Alerts and weekly reports with tips from our Online Safety Experts on age appropriate online activity for your Child's age group.

Cyber safety on every device, everywhere