Install and Set Up a Parent's Android App

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members using Android phones and tablets

Article type: Fundamental steps

How to Install Family Zone for Parents

Parents use Family Zone to monitor online activity on their Child's many different devices. 

The first time a Parent signs up for a new Family Zone account, there are two steps. A Parent starts by setting up Family Zone on their phone or tablet. Next, the Parent installs Family Zone on their Child's devices. 

On a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. In Google Play, find the Family Zone Parental Control app
    Tap Install
  2. Open Family Zone
  3. Enter your email
    This is used for Billing, Reports, and installing Family Zone on other devices
    Tap NEXT
  4. Read Our Privacy Policy and data use explanations
    Tap ACCEPT
  5. Enter your details
    First Name
    Last Name
    A password
    Your country
  6. In the upper-right, tap Done
  7. Go to your email app and find the verification code
    If you don't see the email from us, look in the Updates, Other or Spam folders
  8. Go back to the Family Zone app
    Enter the 6-digit code
  10. At Set a Parental PIN, enter 4 numbers
    The PIN is used to quickly login to your Child's devices to allow access or change a Child's settings
  11. Tap SET PIN
  12. At Who will be using this device?, tap PARENT
  13. At Choose your plan, slide the screen to look at the subscription options
    When the plan you want is displayed, tap CONTINUE 
  14. Enter one Child's name and Date of Birth *
    Optional, in the upper-right, tap + Child to add your other Children to Family Zone

    * Selected schools share online history with Parents.
    If you see your Child's name with a checkbox, see 
    Connect a Child to a US School in the Android App

Your next step is to install Family Zone on your Child's devices.

Use your Parent app to access summaries and alerts about your Child's internet activity. Family Zone will send helpful explanations of the age-appropriate safety or risks of the web content that your Child is accessing. If desired, a Parent can add filtering and blocking to help protect your Child.

Returning Members

Already have a Family Zone Insights or Premium subscription? You can install the Parent's app on new devices or multiple devices.

  1. Download Family Zone from Google Play
  2. Enter your email and password
    Tap SIGN IN
  3. Read and accept the legal agreements
    Tap ACCEPT
  4. At Who will be using this device, tap PARENT

You are done. You can access your Child's or Children's details.

Turn On Auto-Update

Turn on Android auto-update to keep your device secure. 

  • In the Google Play Store, tap your name > Settings > General > Auto-update apps > Over Wi-Fi only

More information on auto-update is available from Google at

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