Add a School Vacation to a Calendar in the Android App

Applies to: Premium Members from a Parent's  Android phones or tablets

Article type: Advanced options

Add a Series of Rest Days

Family Zone comes with a default Calendar of School Days and Rest Days (weekends, holidays, and school breaks). Parents can easily add a series of Rest days for vacation or holiday period to their Child's Calendar.

From a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Login to the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. Tap on your Child's name
  3. Move down to Calendar
    Tap Calendar
  4. To add a school vacation, tap ADD REST DAYS
  5. Tap Month
  6. In the pop-up, select a Month
  7. Tap in DD to type a start day
  8. Tap in YYYY to type the year
  9. Repeat the steps under To for the end date
  10. Tap SAVE

Gray days use the Rest Days scheduled Routine. Blue days use the School days scheduled Routine.

If your Child is linked to a Family Zone Partner School, the School Community synchronizes the school's Calendar dates in Family Zone. As a Parent you can edit the schools or your default Calendar.

Time-based Filtering

Parents can change time-based filtering:

  • Quick Time Change 
    Set a temporary, short-term, timed change between School, Play, Study or Sleep. Changes can be made by a Parent using the Child's device or Parent's device.
  • Routine 
    Edit the default times of day for School, Study, Play, and Sleep from the Parent's device.
  • Calendar 
    Change the type of access for School vacations, holidays or sick days from the Parent's device.