Customize the Filtering Rules in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Members. Parent's App on iPhones and iPads

Article type: Optional steps

Behind the Family Zone app, we are constantly evaluating the safety of internet content. We sync the latest safety settings with your devices managed by Family Zone.

Filter Web Categories for All Family

Parents can set the same web category settings for all of the Children in an age group. Use this easy change when many kids are in the same age range, instead of changing each Child individually.

On the Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Log into the Family Zone app as a parent
  2. At the bottom-right, go to Settings
  3. Tap Internet filters & rules
  4. At the top, pick the age group for the kids
    The names of the kids in this age group are displayed
  5. Move through the list
  6. Tap to turn off or turn on access during the Routine times (Play, School, Study, Sleep)
    Blue is on (kids have access)
    Red is off (kids are blocked)

You are done. The customizations take up to 2 minutes to sync with your Children's devices. For devices turned off or with no internet connection, the settings will be updated as soon as the device comes online.

See What You Have Blocked

At any time, you can see your changes to the Internet filter in this age group.

  1. Move to the top of the screen
  3. Move through the list
    Your custom filtering has blue circles at the top of the Routine time

Internet Filters & Rules Options

As a Parent, you may want to customize our recommended Internet filters and rules for:

  • Web categories (Dating, Education,  Government, Hate Speech ...)
  • Search engines, SafeSearch, and streaming media (YouTube, Google, Bing ...)
  • Websites (specific web addresses)
  • Device features (Camera, In-App Purchases, App Installs ...)
  • Alerts and consequences (optional locking devices, parent notifications)
  • Social networks and games (Minecraft Online, Skype, Tinder, Twitter ...)
  • Advanced (Malware, Piracy, New Websites ...)