Check Safe Networks on a Child's Android (Australia and New Zealand)

Applies to: Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: Not applicable to US customers

Child's device: Android

Article type: Advanced steps

View Safe Networks

Parents have the option to add Safe Networks for the whole family to use, like the network in the library. Family Zone allows a Safe Network to filter internet content.

On the Child's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Family Zone App
  2. In the upper-right, select the cog icon
  3. Enter your 4 Digital Parent PIN
  4. Tap Safe networks
    Review the list of Safe WiFi networks
  5. In the upper-left, select the arrow
  6. Select Done to close the Parent options

You are done.

View a Child's Safe School Network

On the Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. In the Family Zone app, sign in as a Parent
  2. In Family, tap on the Child's name
  3. In the upper-right, tap Edit
  4. Under SCHOOL, one or more Partner Schools or school networks may be listed for that child.

You are done.

Safe Network Options

Parents can use the Web portal to add the names of networks with content filtering. Here are the types of Safe Network options.

Your Child's School

In Australia or New Zealand, add your Child's School. Family Zone will automatically switch to the school's cyber safety rules after connecting to the School network.

Per Child

Add any other Safe Networks to your Child's account, such as filtered internet access provided by a Child's after-school care. 

For the Family

Add the network names for filtered networks all of the Children in your Family, such as the library's filtered network.