How to Check Device Restrictions in the iOS App?

Applies to: Premium Members  with Children using an  iOS device

Article type: Optional steps

Restrictions on a Child's Device

On a Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. On the phone or tablet, open the Family Zone App 
  2. Login as the Child
  3. Click What’s Blocked

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check what should be being applied?

Yes, you can check what should be being applied through your online account or the Family Zone app on a parent device.

The app on my child’s device doesn’t have “What’s Blocked”, why?

It is likely you’re on an Insights plan and Device Restrictions are not available on Insights.

Can I change the device restrictions on the device?

Not if they’ve been applied through our system.

What do I do if what it says in my online account doesn’t match the device?

Contact our support team.