Check Device Restrictions in a Child's Android App

Applies to: Premium Members  with Children using  an Android device

Article type: Optional steps

Restrictions on a Child's Device

On a Child's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Connect App  
  2. Tap What's blocked
    Blue device functions are allowed
    Red device functions are blocked

Android Device Restrictions

You can change your Child's settings in the Parent's version of the Family Zone app. If your family uses both Android and iOS devices, the Apple devices will have slightly different options.

Access apps
A Parent can turn on an option to disable all Android apps and put all of a Child's devices put into Sleep (no internet access) if a Child breaks the cyber safety rules-- like installing adult apps or bypassing Family Zone.

A Parent can disable the camera on the Android phone or tablet to prevent kids from taking pictures or playing with apps that use the camera.

App installs
A Parent can prevent a Child from adding new apps  to this Android device.