Change the Shared Parent Monitoring a Child in the Android App

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members using an Android device

Article type: Advanced steps 

Managing a Child with Shared Parenting

A Shared Parent is another adult in a different home with their own Family Zone account. When this child returns to the Primary Parent's home, that Parent uses these steps to manage the Child's filtering and monitoring.

On the primary Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Sign into to the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. In Family, tap on the Managed by  ... status

In this example, the other Parent has an Insights Membership (monitoring without filtering), so the Child's status is Active. If this Parent was a Premium Member, the Routine - Play, Study, School or Sleep would be displayed inthe status.

The blue banner to Activate a child device can be ignored by the Parent accepting Shared Parenting if they don't have any other Children to monitor. A device only needs to be added by first Parent to install the Child's app. 

What is a Parent Versus a Shared Parent?

A Parent is a guardian in the home who is allowed to change the monitoring and edit Family details. A Shared Parent is a guardian or other parent with a separate Family Zone account with different monitoring rules for a Child's activity. 

A Parent or Shared Parent can be used for any guardian such as grandparents or babysitters.

The Parent access is added or removed using the Family menu. The first parent (Primary Parent) adds Shared Parents through the Family section. The Shared Parent name and email is added to a Child's details.