Change a Parent's Details in the iOS App

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members using an OS device

Article type: Optional steps

Edit a Parent's Details

Parents can edit their own name, time zone, and email address from the iOS app. The email address is used to log into Family Zone. This email is also used when you turn on email notifications for To Dos, Alerts, and Weekly Reports.

On a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Login to the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. In Family, go to the bottom and tap Parents
  3. Tap on your Name
  4. Options:
    Tap on the First Name or Last Name to delete and type new details
    Tap on the Email address to delete and type a new email
    Tap on the Time Zone to pick from the list at the bottom
  5. At Allow device borrowing using PIN, tap to turn it off and clear the PIN
    Tap again to turn it on
  6. Type a new 4-digit PIN
    PINS are used to login to a Child's devices and edit their monitoring settings
    The PIN window closes and the PIN is displayed
  7. At the top-right, tap Done

That's it! You can now log into your Family Zone account using the new email address you provided.

Your name or time zone will also automatically be updated on your Family Zone account, if you have changed these details.

What is a Parent Versus a Shared Parent?

A Parent is a guardian in the home who is allowed to change the monitoring and edit Family details. A Shared Parent is a guardian or other parent with a separate Family Zone account with different monitoring rules for a Child's activity. 

A Parent or Shared Parent can be used for any guardian such as grandparents or babysitters.

The Parent access is added or removed using the Family menu. The first parent (Primary Parent) adds Shared Parents through the Family section. The Shared Parent name and email is added to a Child's details.