Troubleshooting Stop Your Child from Uninstalling from macOS

Applies to: Premium Members with macOS laptops and computers

How to change the account type on Mac

Parents need to convert a child's user account from an Administrator to a Standard account. Children need to have a separate account from parents. Family Zone for Laptops will use the child's Mac user account to filter online content.

On your Child's Mac Computer:

Complete the steps in Troubleshooting Adding Your a New User for Your Child in the macOS

  1. Open System Preferences and launch the Users & Groups preferences pane
  2. Click on the Lock button at the bottom of the pane to make changes
  3. Enter your administrator password and then click on the blue Unlock button
  4. Select the administrator account you wish to change back to a Standard user from the sidebar
  5. Click on Allow user to administer this computer to uncheck the selection
  6. Now click on the Lock button again to save and lock your changes

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

We are here to help. Sign in to your Connect App as a Parent. Go to Settings > Support center

If you don't have the Connect App

Have details available to help us troubleshoot your problem:

  • Account email
  • Child’s name
  • Devices impacted
  • Time of the issue
  • Description of the issue