Change Your Child's Daily Routine in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Members from the Parent's App on Android phones or tablets

Article type: Advanced options

Change Start and End Times for a Daily Routine

Family Zone comes with a default daily schedule, a Routine, for School Days and for Rest Days (weekends and holidays). Parents can customize the Routines to match their family schedule.

From a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Log into Family Zone as a Parent
  2. Tap on the Child's name
  3. Move down to Routine
  4. Tap Routine
  5. Select School Day or Rest Day
  6. Tap on the time of day you want to make a change
  7. Select a type of access - Sleep, Play, Study, or School
  8. Move the access icon up, down, left, or right to set the time
  9. In the upper-left, tap the back arrow and you are done

Each Child can have a different Routine, for example an older teen can have a later bedtime than a younger sibling. For example, an older teen can have a later bedtime than a younger sibling.

Time-based Filtering

Parents can change time-based filtering:

  • Quick Time Change 
    Set a temporary, short-term, timed change between School, Play, Study or Sleep. Changes can be made by a Parent using the Child's device or Parent's device.
  • Routine 
    Edit the default times of day for School, Study, Play, and Sleep from the Parent's device.
  • Calendar 
    Change the type of access for School vacations, holidays or sick days from the Parent's device.