Borrow a Phone, Tablet or Computer Connected to Your Box

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Applies to: Premium Members 

Child's devices: Windows, MacOS, Chromebook, iOS or Android -- and gaming and media devices

Article type: Optional steps

Borrow with No Connect Installed

The Family Zone Box hosts a cyber safe WiFi network without installing the Connect app on any devices. The Box is convenient for families with desktop computers that do not leave the home. Or for School-owned devices where software installations are not allowed.


If your device has Connect installed, use the Connect app to borrow the device.

Only use these steps for devices connected to the filtered Family WiFi on the Box and not running the Connect app.

  1. Open Chrome, Safari or a web browser
    Go to
  3. Click on the first Family member's name
  4. Select the Family member who is borrowing the device
  5. Enter the matching 4-digit PIN and click REQUEST BORROW
    Or if you do not know the PIN, click REQUEST BORROW 

The filtering and daily Routine will update to match the person Borrowing the computer or device.

Applies to: Premium Members

Child's devices: Windows, macOS, Chromebook, Android, iOS, or any device with a web browser

See Who is  Using a Device

Parents can see who is borrowing a computer or device connected to the Family Zone Box from their parent Connect app. 

If you don't have access to the parent Connect app, you can also use the diagnostic page using a web browser to see who is using the device.

  1. Open a web browser
    Go to 
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Troubleshooting stats 
  3. Review the listed details
    Device name
    Current user
    Borrowed from
    Age Profile

Borrow by Assigning the Device Owner

Use a Parent's Connect app like a remote control to Assign Devices to Family where there is no browser, such as a streaming video device or personal assistant. Also use the Parent app when using the browser is difficult, like on gaming consoles (or your web-connected fridge with a web browser).

Printers and smart home devices like vacuums and doorbells, should connect to the Unfiltered Network.