How to Use a PIN to Borrow a Chromebook, Mac or Windows Laptop

Applies to: Premium Members with Children using Family Zone for Laptops

Article type: Optional customization

From Mac, Windows or Chromebook laptops:

  1. On the laptop, click on the Family Zone or Mobile Zone icon in the task/menu bar
  2. Click Request a change
  3. On the next page, click Borrow this device
  4. Select the User (Child, Adult or Parent) from the drop-down list
  5. Enter their 4-digit PIN
  6. Click Borrow

You are done. The cyber safe content filtering will match the Age Profile for the Family member borrowing the laptop.

How long does it take to take effect?

It takes approximately 30 seconds after a PIN has been entered or borrow approved for the request to be processed.

How long does the borrow last?

Borrows completed with a PIN last 60 minutes. Those approved through the parent’s online account can be set for 15, 30, 60 minutes or until the end of the day.

Can you extend the time of the borrow?

Yes, if the child has a device borrowing PIN set up, then they can borrow again through and it will extend the borrow time.  

Can I make a borrow permanent? 

Sort of, you can change the device owner.

What if my child has forgotten their PIN?

If they have forgotten their PIN they can still send you a request to borrow the device which you can approve.

My child doesn’t have a PIN, can they still borrow devices?

Yes, they can send you a request.

My child doesn’t have a PIN, can I set one?

Yes. Setup User PINs for Borrowing Devices

Is there a difference between Mobile Zone and Family Zone for Laptops?

No. The Mobile Zone and Family Zone installers for Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook are the same software.

Mobile Zone software can connect to the education tools Partner Schools use to manage the laptops and classes. Family Zone for Laptops is the name for the software when it is installed by Parents on Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebooks. 

The Family Zone products are built to handover the filtering and monitoring between parents and school as the children move between home and school.

When Premium Members install Family Zone for Laptops, they can manage the online filtering from the Family Zone app on the Parent's phone or tablet, or from the Web portal.