Add a Child in the Android App

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members. Parent's App on Android phones and tablets

Article type: Optional steps

Add a New User to the Family

An Insights or Premium Member can add a new Family member from the household at any time through the Family Zone app. For example, your nephew is staying with your Family for a couple of weeks and you want to monitor his online activity with the other kids in the Family.  

  1. Sign in to the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. Tap + Child 
  3. Tap and enter
    First name (required)
    Last name (minimum 1 letter recommended)
  4. Tap Date of Birth
    At the pop-up, tap the year and select the year
    Use the left and right month arrows
    Tap on the day of the month
    In the lower-right, tap OK
  5. Insights members, move to the upper-right and tap Done
    Premium Members continue to the optional Device Borrowing steps below

This is enough information for Insights and Premium Members to assign a Device to the new  Family member. After assigning the Device, the new activity will appear in the Weekly Reports and Alerts. Premium Members have additional options. See Family Zone Subscriptions Guide.

Device Borrowing (Premium)

Premium Members can use a PIN when two or more Family members share access to the same device. The cyber safety filtering and access times adjust to the Age Profile of the Family member using the device.

  1. Tap Allow device borrowing using PIN
  2. Type in a 4-digit number
    The PIN window closes automatically
  3. Move to the upper-right and tap Done
    Or, continue to set a default Sleep time for this new Family member

Sleep Time (Premium)

Premium Members have the option to set a daily Routine to include a Sleep time when the internet access is turned off on all Devices the Child uses.

  1. Move down to Usual sleep time and tap
  2. At the time pop-up, move to the lower-left
    Tap the keyboard and type in a bedtime
    Or, drag the clock arm for hour, minute, and tap PM
  3. In the lower-right, tap OK
    Tap Done

Premium Members can turn on and off the optional features by editing the Family member in the future.