Add or Remove a School in the Android App (Australia and New Zealand)

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: Does not apply to US Members

Parent app: Android 

Article type: Advanced options

School Safe Networks

Many Schools in Australia and New Zealand provide their network names to Family Zone. Parents search for the School by name. Once added, Family Zone automatically hands content filtering over to the School when the Child connects to the School's network.

From a Parent's Android Phone or Tablet:

  1. Open Chrome or a web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Tap the menu > Users > Family
  4. Tap the right arrow until you see your Child's name
  5. Tap their icon
  6. Tap Settings
  7. Move down to SCHOOLS
  8. In Select a school, enter their school name
    Tap on the School name

You are done. The next time your Child connects to the School's WiFi, Family Zone will turn off and allow the School to manage the internet filtering and cyber safety. When your Child leaves School, Family Zone automatically turns back on.

Family Zone and Schools

Schools choose from different services when offering to link a Child's Family Zone devices to the School.

  • MDM (US and ANZ Mobile Device Management)
    Parents can see web activity outside of school, but cannot change the School's filtering rules on the device.
    - Available in the US and Australia and New Zealand
    - Schools manage the Child's device at all times (may be referred to as "24x7")
    - Parents can receive Family Zone alerts and reports for activity outside of School

  • School Community (US) 
    Parents can review internet activity for time during School and outside of School.
    - Available in the US
    - The School gives Parents the Community link
    - The School offers to share the web history from School
    - The School manages filtering during School
    - Parents can manage the monitoring for the web activity outside of School

  • School Community (Australia and New Zealand) 
    Parents can only see online activity outside of School and get the School's cyber safety advice.
    - Available in Australia and New Zealand
    - The School hosts its own online cyber safety hub
    - Some Schools also share the school calendar and host special cyber safety events
    - Family Zone automatically switches on monitoring when the Child is outside of School

  • School Safe Network (Australia and New Zealand)
    Parents allow the School's network to manage filtering so the Child can use the device at School.
    - Available for many schools in Australia and New Zealand
    - Parents search for the School's Safe Network by name
    - Family Zone automatically transfers filtering to the School when the Child connects to the School's network