Troubleshooting No Google Account for a Chromebook

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Child's device: Chromebook

Excludes: Chromebooks owned by your Child's school

Setting Up a Chromebook for Your Child 

A Parent needs to do a factory reset of the Chromebook and be the first person to sign in to a Chromebook. This makes you the owner of the Chromebook and allows you to lock out a few features after you add your Child to the Chromebook. 

Chromebooks can be a bit confusing. You have options to "add a Person" or "add an Account" for your Child. 

You want to add a Person -- to keep your Child's work separate from your Account! (If you "add an account", your Child has shared acccess to your email, files, and data!)

Start with a Factory Reset and a Parent Gmail

You will go through 2 steps to get a clean start and protect your Child's Chromebook.

The frist step is to do a factory reset, called a Powerwash, to clear out any existing Settings. Don't worry. The factory reset includes steps to backup your Child's data and setup to Google

  1. Tap the clock and Sign out 
  2. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r
  3. Select Restart
  4. Select Powerwash 
  5. Follow the prompts to set up the Chromebook with your Google account
    Create a Google account for yourself if you don't have one

You need to be the first person to "own" the Chromebook. This allows you to set up your Child as another user and restrict some of the features on their account.

See more details in Google's Powerwash instructions at


Do not start with your Child's Google account. You need to be the first person to sign in to own the Chromebook and to manage the Settings.

If Your Child Does Not Have a Gmail Account

If your Child does not have a Google (Gmail) account, create an account age of 14 years or older. The older age is required to allow the Connect App to manage your Child's internet. 


Do not use your Google account (this would give your Child access to your account and email).

Add Your Child as a Person Using the Chromebook

Add your Child as another person using the Chromebook. 


Do not add your Child's account while you are signed in. If you use Settings > Accounts > Add Google Account, your Child will be able to access to your email, files, and password. Remove their email if you added it in the Google Account.

On your Child's Chromebook:

  1. Tap on the clock and select Sign out 
  2. At the Sign in tap Add Person
  3. At Who would you like to add to this Chromebook?, select You
    Do not select A Child, because Google will lock the controls to Google Family Link and block Family Zone cyber safety
  4. Enter your Child's gMail Sign in 
    Tap Next
    Enter their Password and complete the legal agreement 
  5. After you get to the desktop, in Chrome go to
    And Install the Connect Extention on your Child's Chromebook

Only Google accounts can be used for users on a Chromebook.  If you cannot add your Child's school account, see Google's help article: 

If you set up a new account over the age of 14 and have more questions, see Google's help article for adding a new Person to a Chromebook at

If your Child's School uses Microsoft 365, your Child will use Chrome to sign in to Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote at

Use Your Account to Restrict Sign-In

  1. Tap on the clock and select Sign out 
  2. Sign in with your account 
  3. Tap Launcher 
  4. Start typing "Settings"
  5. Tap the Settings icon when it it displayed
  6. Open Settings > Security and Privacy > Manage other people
  7. Turn off Enable Guest browsing
    Turn on Show usernames and photos on the sign-in screen 
    Turn on Restrict sign-in to the follwoing users
    Ensure your account and your child's account are visible
    Tap the X to remove any other users

Find more details on removing users from Google, see