Approve Quick Time Access in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Members signing in as a Parent on an iOS device

Article type: Optional steps

Approve Access to the Internet

Your child can send you a request from their device asking you to allow another type of access. Usually, your child will be asking for Play time to get access to gaming and fun websites. Or, they may be asking for more time to study. Here's how to approve the change.

From a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the Family Zone app, sign in as a Parent
  2. Tap on To do
  3. Tap OPTIONS
  4. Tap on the Access Type for all of your child's devices
  5. Select the time you’d like to change the Access Type for
    (15 Minutes, 30 Minutes,1 Hour, 2 Hours or Rest of day)

Your Child's devices will sync the new access within 2 minutes of connecting to the Internet. A countdown timer will be displayed on your Child's device with the new status.

If your child asks for a temporary change to their access in person, see How to Turn On a Quick Time Change from a Parent's iOS App?