Kids Ask for More Time on an iOS Device

Applies to: Premium Member kids using iOS devices

Time's Up Notification

On a Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. A notification will pop-up during the last 15 minutes before Sleep time
    Tap the notification
  2. Family Zone opens
  3. Pick any type of Routine type
    Write a message to your Parent letting them know you want more time
  4. At the bottom-right, tap Send
  5. Your Parent will get a notification on their phone or tablet. 
  6. They can approve it or ignore it.

If they approve it, they can pick the amount of time for Play, Study or School type of access. You will see a countdown timer appear.

If your Parent ignores your request, you will not be notified. You can send the request again in a few minutes. If you send too many requests too fast, you're requests are blocked. Give your Parents some extra time to respond, they may be busy.

Time's Up on iOS vs Android

Family Zone gives you a warning when your time is about to change. There are a few differences between the way iOS and Android devices track the activity on a phone. So, the countdown notification will vary slightly.

  • Kids using an iPhone or iPad get a warning when Play, Study or School time is about to switch to Sleep time
  • Kids using Android tablets or phones get a warning when Play time is about to change to Sleep time

For both iOS and Android devices, the time's up warning only checks a Child's regular activities in the daily Routine. If a kid is using a Quick Time Change to get temporary Play time, they will need to check their Family Zone app to see how much time is left.