Kids Can Ask for a Quick Time Change in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Member kids using iOS devices

Article type: Fundamental steps

Ask for Different Access 

The Family Zone app makes it easier for kids and parents to manage internet access. A Child can send a request for more online access directly from their iOS device to their Parent.

On the Child's iPhone or iPad: 

  1. Open the Family Zone app
  2. Under the current Routine time, tap REQUEST CHANGE
  3. Select Play, School or Study
  4. Optional, add a note to your Parent about why you want the change
  5. Tap Send
  6. Tap OK

After your Parent approves your access, go to Family Zone and swipe down to force-refresh the new access. A timer will show you how much time you have in the new access.

Time-based Filtering

Parents can change time-based filtering:

  • Quick Time Change 
    Set a temporary, short-term, timed change between School, Play, Study or Sleep. Changes can be made by a Parent using the Child's device or Parent's device.
  • Routine 
    Edit the default times of day for School, Study, Play, and Sleep from the Parent's device.
  • Calendar 
    Change the type of access for School vacations, holidays or sick days from the Parent's device.