Adding Guests to Your Family Zone Box Home Network (Australia and New Zealand)

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Article type: Advanced options 

Guests on the Family Zone Box

Family Zone notifies Parents when new devices are not running Family Zone and connect in your home network. The default filtering for the Guest account is restrictive. A Parent can convert the Guest device to a Family member or remove it from the Network.

On a computer:

  1. Login to as a Parent
  2. In Settings > Devices, click on the Unknown device owned by the Unknown guest
  3. Choose an option:
    BLOCK the Guest to prevent this device from connecting to your home
    REMOVE FROM MY ZONE to allow the device to connect to the unfiltered network or delete it from Devices list
    EDIT the Unknown device to add to your family

Match and Unknown Device to a Family Member

Use these steps when you want to add a new Device to your Family network and match it to a Family member.

  1. Near the top of the details, click EDIT
  2. In Name, give the Device a name you will recognize
  3. In Type, select the type of Device
  4. In Owner, select the Family Member's name
  5. Click SAVE

How are guests filtered on a Family Zone network?

Guests are automatically assigned a filtered profile. As a parent, you can leave them as an Unknown Guest or add their name and set the age-appropriate profile.

If the guest uses Family Zone in their own home, their family's profile will be used while connected to your home WiFi. Family Zone compares the filtering and blocking rules and applies the stricter rules to the guest's device.

How will I know a guest has connected to my network?

The first time a guest device is connected to your network you will receive an email and a To-do in your Family Zone account.  

Can I change the Guest Profile?

Yes, the guest profile can be configured once the Guest is open. Select Edit > Internet filter age profile to change the settings.

Can I limit guests internet access based on the time of day?

No, guest accounts do not have the time-based options for Play Time, Study, School Time or Sleep Time routines. 

Premium Members can edit custom access times for the guest by creating them as a Family Member and editing the time of day for the Play Time, Study, School Time, or Sleep Time routines.