block page

A block page informs a Child or Parent that a website contains inappropriate content. Family Zone uses Access restricted (Parent controlled), Page Blocked (School and Parent take turns controlling), and Content Blocked (School controlled) block pages.


Cyber Safety Hub

CS Hub

A Cyber Safety Hub is a website with advice for Parents about current online trends among children. Family Zone Premium subscribers and Parents at participating Schools get access to CS Hubs.


Domain Name Server


The Domain Name Server converts text web addresses into 4-12 digit numeric addresses. The addresses identify where a website information is stored.

DNS filtering

Domain Name Server filtering prevents a Child from connecting to websites stored on the same servers where risky content has been found. DNS filters are set to allow Students to connect to School Servers. The DNS filter will broadly block Students from connecting to many public web hosts known for inappropriate websites.


IP Address

An Internet Protocol address is an identity used to find a device connected to the internet or a network. Addresses can be made up of numbers or numbers and letters. A network (WiFi, mobile data or wired ethernet) will give a temporary IP address to personal devices when they connect to a network. Websites convert their permanent IP address into a text web address using a Domain Name Server (DNS).


MAC Address


Not to be confused with an Apple Mac computer, a Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier assigned to the network connections (LAN, Wireless, and Bluetooth) on a computer, phone or tablet.

Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management is any software that allows School IT to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device connected to a School’s network.


Network Attached Storage


NAS is an abbreviation for Network Attached Storage. NAS are standalone drives attached to a WiFi or ethernet (wired) network. Users can save and access files while they are connected to the network. NAS may be used to automate the back up of computers or advanced access of files from the Internet.


School Community

A system for sharing School and Home web activity data from a Child's devices. Can include options for Parents to view Recent School Acitivity and Red Alerts. Some Schools will offer a customized Cyber Safety Hub and Cyber Expert unique to their School.

School Journey Report

A summary of a Child's web actvity during School time. Participating Schools provide a review of a Child's online usage. School counselors or teachers may include a private note to Parents about a Child's wellbeing.

Service Set Identifier


SSID is an abbreviation for Service Set Identifier. The SSID is the name of a WiFi network. Network names are case sensitive. SSIDs containing letters and numbers are the compatible with most types of devices including printers, smart home devices, gaming, and media devices.