Linking gaming consoles to the Family Zone Box

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

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The Family Zone Box can protect any device that is connected to it, including all gaming consoles, smart TVs, and digital assistants.

I have connected my device to the Family Zone Box WiFi network, what do I do now?

Before starting, decide whether you wish to set up the device on a schedule for the whole family or assign the device to one Family member. 

A Parent will need to use their Family Zone app or the Portal in a web browser during the setup. Connect the gaming console to the network provided by the Family Zone Box. Open Family Zone > Settings > Devices and click on the device.

Alert:  Games with mature content or connected to internet gaming servers may be blocked on unregistered gaming consoles. Unregistered gaming consoles are identified as Guest Profiles. The Guest Profile is set to Play Time with the highest level of limits and filtering.

How can I set up the gaming console to only work for 2 hours a day?

Logging on as a parent to Family Zone gives you the widest range of setup options.

Creating a New User (recommended steps)

  1. Log into Family Zone as a parent
    Use the app on a phone or tablet
    Or, in a web browser, go to
  2. Create a new family member with the name "Equipment" 
  3. In the gaming console settings, pick the WiFi hosted by  the Family Zone Box
  4. Go back to the Family Zone App or in the web browser
    Assign the gaming console to the "Equipment" family member
  5. In Family Zone, set a custom Routine to only allow the Equipment to have a few Scheduled hours of Play Time each day

Gaming Console Browser (alternative steps)

Alternatively, limited access can be set up using only the gaming console if you don't have access to a phone, tablet, or computer. Because most gaming consoles do not have a keyboard attached, some of the steps may be more difficult than using the Family Zone App or a computer connected to the web portal.

  1. Connect the gaming console to the Guest WiFi network (or any of the networks hosted by the Family Zone Box)
  2. On the gaming console, open the web browser
  3. Go to
  4. Log in as a parent
  5. Go to To do
  6. Click on the new device
  7. Select Family Device
  8. Enter in the Device Name and Device Type
  9. Select a Family Member with the filtering level matching the appropriate level of filtering
  10. Select Save

How is Home.Tools different from the Web Portal?

Home.Tools ( is a diagnostic web page accessed from a web browser on the Child's device. It identifies if the device is protected by Family Zone. 

The Web Portal ( is used by Parents to remotely manage the Family Members and Devices accessing the internet. Some advanced setup, like connecting a Shared Parenting account, needs to be done from the Web Portal.

If a Device or Family member is not protected, the Parent can use their Family Zone app on Android or iOS to fix the settings.