iOS Filter Only and MDM Guide

Applies to: Premium Members with Apple iOS devices used at a school with a Mobile Device Manager

What is the Filter Only Family Zone App?

The Family Zone "Filter Only" version is designed for Apple iOS devices with a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) installed. Your child's school manages the MDM.

Why would my device already have an MDM?

Some schools manage their student's iOS devices by installing a Mobile Device Manager (MDM). Family Zone also uses MDM technology to allow us to restrict certain device features. However, only one MDM profile can be installed on an iOS device at a time. This means that it will not be possible to utilise the full Family Zone App if an existing school MDM profile exists.

Some of the most common MDMs used by schools are Zulu Desk, Jamf, Google, and Microsoft Intune.

How do I install the Filter Only Family Zone app?

Before the Filter Only Family Zone app can be activated, you need to ensure you add your child’s school. Once the school is added, install and activate the Family Zone App on your child's device.

  • Download the Family Zone app onto your child's device
  • Sign into the app with the email address & password you used to create your Family Zone account
  • Select "Device user is a child", then select the child's name
  • You will get a pop-up menu advising that you may have a school MDM installed and to install the Filter Only Family Zone app
  • Select the Filter Only version of Family Zone
  • Follow the installation steps to install the Family Zone app

What if the Filter Only option does not appear?

If you do not get the option to select "Filter Only" when activating the Family Zone app, you will need to contact the Family Zone Support Team so they can register the school and/or update the school settings.

How do the Full Install and Filter Only options compare?

There are some feature differences between the Family Zone, Full Install and Filter Only versions.

Full InstallFilter Only
Control using Family Zone (Parent app)
Filter internet
Manage screen timeYes
Manage social mediaYes
Borrow devicesYes
Alert if a device is unused for 24 hoursYes
Family Zone removal alertYes
Review installed appsYes
New app install alertYes
Tampering with device settings alertYes