Family Zone Subscriptions Guide (USA)

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members in the United States
Please note: Does not apply to Australian and New Zealand Members

Article type: Getting started

Subscriptions in the United States

Family Zone offers two subscription types:

  • Family Zone Insights
  • Family Zone Premium

As a Insights or Premium Member, you don't need to install and learn different parental control apps for each type of device. Once you've installed Family Zone on your Child's devices, Family Zone does the rest for you. There's no limit to how many devices you can monitor with your subscription.

Family Zone Insights

Family Zone Insights help Parents monitor a Child's internet activity.

  • Access on demand and weekly reports of online activity
  • Online Safety Expert advice
  • Monitor online behavior
  • See the last known location of your Child's phone or tablet

Family Zone Premium

Family Zone Premium adds filtering of apps, web content, and devices. 

  • Predefined filters block adult content
  • Set your Child's screen time
  • Manage social media and online gaming
  • Restrict YouTube access

Free Trial

First time customers can sign up for a 30-day free trial of the Premium filtering.

After 30-days, purchase a Premium Subscription or downgrade to an Insights Subscription.

Compare Subscription Features

Compare features and pricing at


Get Started

A Parent's first step is to install the Connect App on your Android or iOS device and sign up. Enter your Child's name and age at the end of the installation.

The second step is to install the Connect App on your Child's devices. Select your Child's name during the install. Family Zone starts working as soon as the install is done.

  • See how to install Family Zone Connect on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Chromebooks in Getting Started

Go Premium

Upgrade to a Premium Subscription at any time in Google Play or the App Store to get the added benefits of filtering.


Easy Access to Your Subscription

Find renewal dates and subscription details on a Parent's Android or iOS phone or tablet:

Cancel Anytime

Go Back to an Insights Subscription

Yes. Cancel your Premium Subscription anytime and automatically downgrade to the Insights Subscription.


Benefits and Pricing