Family Zone for Mobile Devices Guide

Protecting children from the dangers of the online world doesn’t end at the front door and doesn’t stop after school. Family Zone Connect for mobile devices and computers protects your Child wherever they connecting to the internet.

Family Zone Connect App

By installing the Connect App on your Child’s phone or tablet you can:

  • Monitor internet activity and apps
  • Know where your child's device was last seen
  • Access tips on what web content fits your child's age group

Premium Benefits for Mobile Devices

Family Zone Connect centralizes your Family's online safety by:

  • Filtering web content when they are not connected to their School Network
  • Enabling location services so you can keep track of your children’s devices
  • Helping set a healthy daily routine for screen time
  • Applying safety restrictions to make in-app purchases or use the camera
  • Streamlining multiple family members' access to shared devices

Easy to Install

The Connect App is installed on both a Parent's and a Child's Device. The Connect App links the Devices to help parents with age appropriate web content. Family Zone Connect can work with Schools in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Or, Parents can use Family Zone Connect as a standalone online safety tool. 

During the setup you will add your Child's birthday. The birthday is used to match your Child to web activities recommended by our online safety experts.

Connect to Schools

Family Zone Connect works seamlessly with School filtering at participating Schools. Your Child's School will send details on how to "connect" your Child's devices to the School. The Connet App does the rest.

Home Monitoring

Alternatively, a Parent can monitor web content without connecting to a School. Start by downloading the Connect App from the App Store or Google Play. Create your Family Zone account and set up your Child during the install.

Protect Your Child's Phone and Tablet

Our team of child psychologists, educators, and former law enforcement professionals work on the online safety features in all our products. You get their experience when you add your Child's Devices to your Family Zone account.

Add Mobile Devices 

After you set up your phone or tablet, install the Connect App on your Child's Devices. Their Devices will show up in your Connect App as you finish the install.

Protect All Other Devices

In addition to mobile devices, the Connect App keeps your Child safe and responsible no matter where they go - or what network they connect to. Family Zone Connect is also available for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers. 

Powerful Features to Keep Up with Today's Kids

Everybody knows smartphones aren’t just about making phone calls. In fact, as far as our kids are concerned, that’s probably their least important feature!

Protects Mobile Devices

With the Connect App protecting your Child's phone or tablet, you will know about risks associated with apps or inappropriate online web content. Sign up for Premium and get additional advice about why an app or activity is inappropriate for your Child's age group.

Your Child cannot uninstall the Connect App on Android or iOS 14 or newer phones and tablets.  On iOS 13 (2019) devices, you will receive a Red Alert if your Child deletes or tampers with any part of the Connect App.

Find Your Child's Device

Ever wondered where your Child might have left their phone or tablet? The Connect App will show you the last known Location of your Child's device, even if the device ran out of power. Premium Members get the added benefit of seeing the Location History.

Know What's Happening

Parents can monitor the websites and web activity on a Child's devices. Understand how your Child is using the internet for gaming, social, recreation -- and study.

Manage Your Child’s Devices from Your Own Smartphone

Premium Members get added online safety protection and peace of mind across all devices. Our online safety experts recommend switching off a number of mobile phone features for younger age groups. But ultimately the choice is yours. 

With an active Family Zone account it’s easy to activate or de-activate Device Feature restrictions, or to apply selective restrictions.

Set Boundaries

Set firm boundaries around what your Child can access online - and when they can access it - while allowing the flexibility that modern family life demands. Kids can ask for more screentime. You can also customize the defaut schedule.

Manage Shared Devices 

Allow different family members to share a tablet or device. Parents and older children can sign in with a PIN to a shared device. Filtering is turned off with a Parent's PIN. Relaxed filtering rules are applied when an older Child borrows a Device. 

If you don't want to set up PINs, your Child can send a request for you to approve from your phone or tablet.

Customize the Filtering 

Online safety can be complicated, but protecting your family is simple. You can customize filtering or allow blocked content you feel is appropriate for your Child.

Family Zone Connect helps manage all the features on your Child's smartphone. Managing your child's mobile device just became a whole lot easier with Family Zone Connect.