Troubleshooting a Family Zone for Laptops Block Page

Applies to: Premium Members with Children using a Mac or Windows computer running Family Zone for Laptops

Family Zone for Laptops will display a block message in your Child's web browser if they are trying to access a category blocked during the current Sleep, Study or School Routine.

How to Allow Access from the Child's Computer

A Child can send an access request to their Parent from their computer:

Windows Taskbar

Apple Mac Menu Bar

  1. Click the Family Zone Mobile Zone icon
    The current access period is displayed as Play, School, Study, Sleep
  3. At the Borrow device webpage, click Parent settings
  4. Click on Play or another Routine with access to the content
  5. Select the amount of time for the new access

Granting Access

The Child can also speak to the Parent to request access. 

After the Parent is notified by the Family Zone app or from the Child


Parents may not be able to override access settings computers owned or managed by the School during the School access time. A School's duty of care obligations and IT policies can vary by school. Check with your School IT  if the computer is managed by the school.

Is there a difference between Mobile Zone and Family Zone for Laptops?

No. The Mobile Zone and Family Zone installers for Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook are the same software.

Mobile Zone software can connect to the education tools Partner Schools use to manage the laptops and classes. Family Zone for Laptops is the name for the software when it is installed by Parents on Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebooks. 

The Family Zone products are built to handover the filtering and monitoring between parents and school as the children move between home and school.

When Premium Members install Family Zone for Laptops, they can manage the online filtering from the Family Zone app on the Parent's phone or tablet, or from the Web portal.