Family Zone Features


 Content Filtering Guide
What can Family Zone Premium Members block? Understand the types of content and website a guardian can manage with the Premium features. Find out how to change the scheduled times and types of filters
Website Category Rating Guide
How do you find the rating for websites your child wants to access? Insights and Premium Members can read a summary for websites. Find out if the content is recommended for your child's age group.
Cyber Expert Age Profiles and Filtering Guide
How do I use the Cyber Experts recommended filters? Understand the default filtering by age group and how to modify the safe internet settings for your child or use the parent's override option.
 Mobile Device Location Guide
What is required to see the location of your child's mobile phone or tablet? Find out what allows the child's device to report location through the Family Zone App.
User Activity Guide
How can parents check their child's recent online activity? Find out how the to make a spot check of User Activity in Family Zone. Know what types of summary and detail cyber safety data is tracked.
 Calendars and Routines Guide
How can Premium Members customize the internet filters by time of day or days of the week? Change the calendars and routines for your child. Know which dates and times sync with your Partner Schools.
 Managing Social Networks Guide
How do you manage your child's access to social media? Learn how to filter websites and apps used for social media activities. Understand why some social media cannot be blocked and the workarounds.
 Access Requests Guide
How does a child or a Managed User contact a Guardian to get access to a blocked website? Understand how Access Requests work and how to grant access or continue to protect the user from the website.
Schools and Family Zone Guide
How does Family Zone allow your child's school to manage internet filtering during school hours? Learn how to change your child's filtering settings when they are home from school.
 iOS Filter Only and MDM Guide
What if your school uses a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) other than Family Zone? Follow these steps to use Family Zone on your child's Apple mobile device to filter online content outside of school.
 Alerts and Consequences Guide
What happens when a Managed User tries to bypass the Family Zone protection? Learn how guardians are notified. Know how to change how Family Zone applies the default consequences and device sleep time
Google and Bing SafeSearch Guide
What does SafeSearch do? Learn how Premium Members can customize the type of content allowed or filtered. Get tips for reporting inappropriate websites or images to Google and Bing.
Apps and In-App Purchases Guide
How do you know about and manage downloads and in-app purchases? Find out the types of notifications Family Zone sends. Learn about the additional app blocking available to Premium Members.
 Usage Guide
What information is available to Parents about their Child's internet usage? Learn how to track and review a child's online activities. Know what to do when you are concerned about online activity.
Users and Parent Access Guide
How does the Account Owner and Parent Access work? Know the access the user setting up the account has. Learn how to add users with Parent Access and the settings they can change.
Borrow Requests Guide
What can I do if my child wants to borrow a device? Learn how to allow a child to borrow a device for 60-minutes. Understand the options to apply or remove filtering on the loaner device.
 Snapshots Guide
What are Snapshots of user's activity? Learn what online activity is included in the weekly report and which users are tracked. Get definitions of the cyber safety warnings available to parents.
Parent Accounts Guide
How do I use a parent account? Get to know the differences between the access a primary parent and a parent have to Family Zone features. Know how to use PINs and risks with sharing parent logins.
 Filtering Websites Guide
What types of websites does Family Zone filter and block? Premium Members can protect children from risky websites. Learn how to change when your child can access allowed sites, like gaming.
Shared Parenting Guide
How do carers, guardians, and parents share the management of Family Zone? Understand how to add grandparents, coparenting, boarding schools, and carers to manage a child's Family Zone settings.
Cyber Expert Advice Guide
How do you use Cyber Expert advice? Insights and Premium Members get access to guidance on cyber safety for your child's age group. Find out what's normal and how to talk to your kids.
 Cyber Expert App Reviews Guide
Where can you find explanations of the apps installed on your child's phone or tablet? Premium Members can use the Family Zone App or Web portal to see cyber safety expert's advice about mobile apps.
Quick Time Changes Guide
How do I override the School Community settings for School, Study, Play, and Sleep? Learn how to start and stop Quick Time Changes, Find the steps for making permanent changes.
Alerts and Alarms Guide
How does Family Zone keep you informed about the online activities of your child? Insights and Premium Members use Alerts, Alarms, To dos, and notifications to be aware of their child's cyber safety.
To Do Function Guide
What are Family Zone To dos? Learn how to find the steps in a To do to ensure your child's device is correctly monitored. Find out how to get notified and which items appear in the To dos.
Behavior Alerts and Red Flags Guide
What behavior triggers an Alert? Insights and Premium Members get Alerts and Red Flags for potentially unsafe behavior on the internet. Parents know promptly about risky online activity.
Mobile Device Restrictions Guide
How do you restrict functions on a child's mobile device? Premium Members have centralized access to managing Android and Apple iOS tablets/phones. Apps, in-app purchases, and camera use are managed.
Safe Networks and Safe WiFi Guide
How do you allow safe networks, such as your school's WiFi, to manage your child's devices? Understand how a parent can add trusted internet access. Get help adding your child's school.