Family Zone Features


Schools and Family Zone Guide
How does Family Zone allow your child's school to manage internet filtering during school hours? Learn how to change your child's filtering settings when they are home from school.
Family and Parent Access Guide
How does the Account Owner and Parent Access work? Know the access the user setting up the account has. Learn how to add users with Parent Access and the settings they can change.
Parent Accounts Guide
How do I use a parent account? Get to know the differences between the access a primary parent and a parent have to Family Zone features. Know how to use PINs and risks with sharing parent logins.
Cyber Expert Advice Guide
How do you use Cyber Expert advice? Insights and Premium Members get access to guidance on cyber safety for your child's age group. Find out what's normal and how to talk to your kids.
Managing Social Networks Guide
How do you manage your child's access to social media? Learn how to filter websites and apps used for social media activities. Understand why some social media cannot be blocked and the workarounds.
Mobile Device Restrictions Guide
How do you restrict functions on a child's mobile device? Premium Members have centralized access to managing Android and Apple iOS tablets/phones. Apps, in-app purchases, and camera use are managed.