Home Networking with the Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Home Networking

Family Zone Home Networking starts with connecting the Family Zone Box to the internet (typically through your internet modem).

With the Family Zone Home Network in operation, you can enable Family Zone WiFi to manage internet and guest access inside your home.

We support most networks and home needs including setting up:

  • A simple single access point WIFi network
  • A WIFi network across a smart wired home 
  • Optional Powerlines to extend your WIFi network 
  • A Family Zone network across many locations


This feature is compatible with typical home networks. The Family Zone Box may not be compatible with complex or enterprise networks. 

The Family Zone Box is compatible with most devices connecting to the network. Devices with the Family Zone App installed can be set to hand over the filtering to the Family Zone Box when the device connected inside the home.

When a device connects to your filtered WiFi, you will be notified by email. You can register the device to a family member or guest or block the device from using your network. You can also register devices through our convenient  diagnostic, the https://home.tools web page. The diagnostic is accessible through any web browser connected to a Family Zone Box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register devices?

Registering devices to Family Zone is very important. Monitoring and filtering are applied depending on the device and the age profile of the user.

What options are available to register devices for Premium Subscriptions?

You can register devices in three ways :

  1. After installing Family Zone app on a mobile device or laptop, use a web browser (like Safari or Chrome) go to home.tools
  2. Connect devices like printers and game consoles to the Family Zone Box, then log in on the App as a Parent and approve the To-Dos 
  3. Install the Family Zone apps onto Apple iOS or Android Device


Install the Family Zone Windows or Mac OS applications onto portable computers like laptops.

How do I know if Family Zone is running on a device?

Open the web browser on a mobile device or laptop. Go to http://home.tools. The page will display a message stating the device is filtered or is not filtered.

Do I need to install Family Zone Apps or Applications on the devices?

No, however, the Mobile Apps and Applications allow you to monitor devices like laptops when connected to outside networks.  Download the Family Zone Application for Windows or for Mac OS at https://www.familyzone.com/laptops

I’m being asked to install a certificate when I access home.tools. Should I?

Yes, this certificate will allow us to redirect secure websites to our block page.  Without the certificate, you may get security messages or have difficulty connecting to secure websites.

How is Home.Tools different from the Web Portal?

Home.Tools (http://home.tools) is a diagnostic web page accessed from a web browser on the Child's device. It identifies if the device is protected by Family Zone. 

The Web Portal (https://portal.familyzone.com/) is used by Parents to remotely manage the Family Members and Devices accessing the internet. Some advanced setup, like connecting a Shared Parenting account, needs to be done from the Web Portal.

If a Device or Family member is not protected, the Parent can use their Family Zone app on Android or iOS to fix the settings.