Family Zone Box Guide (Australia and New Zealand)

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

The Family Zone Box is not available in the US

What is the Family Zone Box?

The Family Zone Box allows you to add a safe WiFi network inside your home when you have existing WiFi service from a telephone, internet, or cable provider. The box adds parental monitoring and filtering protection for your family’s internet activity.

The Family Zone Box allows three types of WiFi network users:

  1. Family members connected to the box can share files across the network
  2. Guest WiFi users have access to filtered internet and cannot access files across your network 
  3. Unfiltered WiFi is unrestricted internet for parents, printers, and smart home devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want a Family Zone Box?

The Family Zone Box allows you to monitor and filter the Internet activity on your home network. You can control the content your children and guests access on their computers and gaming devices. 

Do I need to install an app on the devices?

No. the Family Zone Box manages internet access for all of the devices in the home. The Family Zone App only needs to be installed on portable devices connecting to networks outside the home. The Family Zone Apps hand over internet filtering to the Family Zone Box when the device reconnects to the home network.

Can multiple Family Zone Boxes work together?

Yes. You can have multiple Family Zone Boxes to cover a large house. Or, you can have Family Zone Boxes at different houses setup with the same Parent. The safe browsing and user accounts are shared all Family Zone Boxes using one account, even if active in different locations.

What happens when a visiting device is running the Family Zone app owned by a different Family?

The Family Zone Box has a Safety Net profile. Both Family's content filtering rules will be compared and the most conservative rules will be applied to the visiting device. When the device leaves your network, the Family Zone app will return their device to it's regular filtering rules.

What do I do with my existing WiFi?

We recommend disabling your existing WiFi and only using the WiFi network from your Family Zone Box. When setting up your children's devices, activate the 'forget' this WiFi network on their devices. Then, change the password on the original network devices. 

If you need to keep devices, like smart home security devices, locked to the existing network, the Family Zone WiFi can be used by the family without interfering with the original network devices.

Who should use Family Zone’s Unfiltered WiFi?

Some smart home appliances, security systems, or telephone communications systems must remain connected to the unfiltered WiFi. Refer to the manufacturer's customer service if you have any concerns about changing a device.

Does a Factory Reset affect my WiFi?

No. Once a Family Zone Box reconnects to the internet your WiFi settings restore the Parent's account settings.

What are the WiFi password requirements?

The WiFi password must contain at least 8 characters. Keep the password for guests. Guest devices use the WiFi password to connect to your Family Zone Box.

Can I modify the radio settings?

Yes, the radio settings can be modified by advanced users to reduce overlap with your neighbor's nearby WiFi networks. 

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Go to Settings > Home Network
  3. Click Advanced Settings
  4. Change the band and channel

The recommended settings are:

  • 5GHz band set as 80MHz
  • 2.4GHz band set as 40MHz
  • Auto channel selection.
  • Tx Power on 30dBm

We recommend lowering the lower channel width of 20MHz if you are having trouble connecting from the more distant locations in your home.