Family Zone for Mobile Devices Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

Protecting children from the dangers of the online world doesn’t end at the front door and doesn’t stop after school. Our Family Zone Apps and Applications protect your children on any laptop or mobile device.

Family Zone Products

By installing Family Zone Apps and Applications on your child’s devices you can:

  • Take advantage of our parental control services to manage internet and apps activity;
  • Keep track of your child’s location through smartphone location services; and
  • Support your school’s cyber safety programs through our School Community feature.

If your child uses a device permanently located at your home then our Home networking service may suffice. If their device leaves the home and connects to ‘unsafe’ networks then Family Zone is recommended.

  • Download Family Zone for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook laptops at
  • Download the Apple iOS or Android apps from the device. Search for Family Zone in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.
  • Use the Family Zone Box in your home to filter gaming consoles and computers without running any software on the devices.

Family Zone Apps and Applications

Family Zone is software you install on your children’s devices. Apps are used on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Applications are used on computers and laptops. 

Family Zone Apps and Applications centralize your family's cyber safety by:

  • Filtering, when your child is not on a safe WiFi network such as our Home Network or a School Network
  • Applying restrictions on the device such as limiting access to Apps or device features (Smart devices only)
  • Enabling location services so you can keep track of your children’s devices
  • Enabling your children to view their status, borrow devices and request changes by you

The Family Zone Box

The Family Zone Box is content filter added to an internet modem in Australia and New Zealand. Devices running the Family Zone App will "hand-off" management of the internet monitoring to the Family Zone Box when connecting to the Box inside the home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Family Zone App?

Download the Family Zone App in the App Store or Google Play.

How does Family Zone work with schools?

Family Zone works with schools in two ways:

  • Family Zone Partner Schools use the School Community service to manage internet filtering during school hours and return internet monitoring to parents outside of school hours. The handoff applies to both Insights and Premium Members.
  • Premium Members can manually trust school networks when they are not Family Zone Partner Schools. A few steps are required to identify the Mobile Device Management (MDM) or software the school uses on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) computers or tablets.

Can I use Family Zone when my child's school already installed "MDM"?

If your school has installed an MDM (Mobile Device Management) Profile on an Apple iOS device, contact our support for assistance turning on the Family Zone “Filter Only Mode”.

Can my child delete Family Zone?

Yes. If your child removes or bypasses Family Zone, we will notify you. The child's device will appear offline until Family Zone is running. We include instructions for restoring Family Zone with your notification.

Will the child be able to access the internet if they bypassed Family Zone?

Premium Members can trigger Consequences if a child deletes Family Zone from their Apple iOS or Android device. All of the child's devices running Family Zone will be placed into Sleep Time preventing them from running apps or connecting to the internet.

The Parent can turn off Sleep Time to restore internet access and the apps after reinstalling the Family Zone App.

Does Family Zone use much data?

No. Family Zone does not use much data.

There is a small amount of data usage used to sync the online content monitoring and help parents track the location of a device outside of school hours.

Does Family Zone use much battery?

No. Family Zone uses very little battery and saves power by disabling Family Zone when the device connects to a safe WiFi network or the Family Zone Box.

How does Family Zone manage my child’s internet?

Family Zone installs a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and device management software. The software connects to the secure Family Zone system to identify safe or risky websites and apps. 

Family Zone only reports online behavior to Insights Members. Family Zone will block and filter internet content for Premium Members.

Does Family Zone slow down the internet?

No. It is unlikely that Family Zone will noticeably affect internet speed. 

If apps or sites are taking time to load, Family Zone is evaluating a large amount of content being received and sent. 

Behind the free apps and most popular websites are connections to dozens of advertising and tracking services. Family Zone monitors the hidden connections. Insights and Premium Members will see a large list of sites, often only identified by 12 digit numbers (IP addresses) in the reports. Alerts will be sent if any of the connections are potentially risky. 

Family Zone will block connections for risky content for Premium Members.

I have a Family Zone Box, do I need the App?

We recommend the Family Zone App for 3 reasons:

  1. Reporting on activity when connected to networks outside of the home
  2. Scanning Apps installed on the device
  3. Detecting changes in device functions that may put your child at risk

Do I need the Family Zone Box to have the App?


We recommend the Family Zone Box to manage the internet content across all home uses, including PCs, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and personal assistants (such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).

Will all apps on my child's device still work?

Most will. Apps that block VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), like movie on demand services, may not work properly.

Premium Members get the benefit of Family Zone Box blocking apps with malicious links or potentially high-risk to children.

Does Family Zone control offline activity?

No. Family Zone only controls access to the internet and the internet activity when Apps or software connect to the internet.