Mobile Device Restrictions Guide

Applies to: Premium Members

Parents can protect children on their Android or Apple iOS phones and tablets with Family Zone features for Premium Members.

What are Device Restrictions?

Device Restrictions are our features which allow you to restrict access to various features on smart devices. This include:

  • Access to the camera
  • Access to downloading Apps and In-App Purchases

How long does it take for settings to take effect?

It can take up to two minutes for changes to take effect.

Can I apply device restrictions without installing the Family Zone app?

Yes, by using the Apple or Android manufacturer's settings and apps. However, these apps require parents to have in-depth understanding of what the settings do.

The advantages of Family Zone's products:

  • Centralized management of multiple, different devices 
  • Online filtering is consistent for the child using Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, gaming consoles, tablets or phones
  • Fast to setup with predefined cyber safety settings to match specific age groups
  • Parents can manage all the family's devices with their login
  • Parents can change settings anytime from their mobile device or computer

Can device restrictions apply for computers?

No. These only apply for compatible smart devices such as phones and tablets. The Family Zone app must be installed and registered on these devices.

Can I limit App & In App Purchases?

Yes. See how to Manage In-App Purchases.

How do I turn off access to device features?

You can manage access to devices features through your online account through the web portal or the Family Zone app on a parent device.

I restricted device features on my child's Android device. Why can they still see it?

On Android devices some restricted features can still be opened. An error message will pop up on the screen.

I’ve blocked the camera for my child but I want to take a photo on that device. How can I do it?

It’s easy. Simply borrow the device as yourself (from the Family Zone app). Wait a few minutes for the settings to take effect and then take the photo. 

Once you've taken the photo, end the borrow and hand the device back to your child.

If I disable camera access, will apps that require the camera still work?

Yes, however a child will not be able to access the camera.  They will be able to access photos and videos that are already on the device.