Mobile Device Location Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members using the Family Zone App on mobile devices

What is Location?

Apple iOS and Android mobile devices can report the Location on a map of the device.

The Family Zone App can show the current or last known  location of your family’s iOS and Android phones or tablets. Parents can view the Location on a map through the Web portal or when logged onto the Family Zone App as a parent.

What settings are required to Location to work?

For Location to work, we require the following on the device:

  1. The Family Zone App must be updated to the latest version
  2. The Family Zone App has been setup to track Locations
  3. The device's Settings for Location services allows Family Zone permission to access location data
  4. The device must have internet data access
  5. On iPhones and iPads, the Apple Services such as iMessage and iCloud cannot be blocked for the child's Apple ID

Can I activate Location without accessing the device?

No. A parent needs the child's device to activate Family Zone's access to the Location information.

Can children deactivate Location on their smartphones?


Device users may disable the location services permission for our Family Zone App installed on a child’s device through the settings on their device. If they do so you will be notified by an Alert.

You or your child need to re-enable the Location by opening up the Family Zone App on their device. 

If the Location permission is not granted, a red banner displays, “There is an issue with permissions on this device, and it may not be protected.  Tap to fix.” Tap on the banner and follow the prompts to re-enable location. 

Make sure you select “Always Allow”.

Can I disable Location without accessing the device?

No,  Location can only be disabled by accessing the Family Zone App on the physical device.

Will turning off Location automatically revoke the location services permission for the Family Zone App?


How accurate is the device location?

The location is as accurate as the device’s own location functionality allows.  

How much data does Location use?

When a device’s location data is sent into our servers, it only uses a small amount of data (eg., about the same as posting a single Tweet). This is done on a request basis, so the more times you request location the more data it will use.

I have the Family Zone app installed on my iOS or Android device, can you see my location?

Not unless you’ve registered it as a Child device and turned Location on for that device.  We are unable to see the location of devices that have the Family Zone app installed as a Parent Device.

Can I see where my child has been?

Currently you can see the current or last recorded location of your child’s devices.

Can someone locate my children’s devices  without my knowledge? 

No, Location is an opt-in solution. Your child’s device location is only available to users on your account to whom you’ve given Parent Access.

What happens if I change my child’s device? Do I need to set it up again?

Yes. Location needs to be enabled on the device through the Family Zone App. 

Can my children see my device’s location?


Can I see the location of my child’s Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook?

No, Location only works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

My children’s school provided Apple iOS device is telling me I have to turn location services. Why?

This is likely because your children’s school uses a technology called MDM. You should speak to your school. 

If I have location services on the device turned on but Location (in the Family Zone App) turned off, will location data be captured?

No. They both must be on.

How is my child’s device location data protected?

Location data is stored and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.