Device Features and Restrictions


Troubleshooting Location Services on Apple iOS Devices
Insights and Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot how to keep the Location Settings always active on a Child's iPhone or iPad.
Troubleshooting Location on Mobile Devices
Why can't a child's phone or tablet be seen on the map? Parents may not be able to see the location of their child's mobile device because it is turned off, not set up or the App needs to be updated.
Troubleshooting Apple iMessage on iOS Devices
Can Family Zone block the Apple iMessage app? Learn why Family Zone cannot block Apple's core functions or the iMessage app. Find recommendations for discussing safe messaging habits with your kids.
Troubleshooting Device Owners and Device Sharing
What can I do to fix a borrowed device and get it to return to the original owner? Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot Apple iOS and Android loaned to another family member.
Troubleshooting Device Restrictions
What steps do you take to fix your child's access to the camera or device connections? Premium Members can troubleshoot their child's phone or tablet restrictions using these steps.