Cyber Expert Age Profiles and Filtering Guide

Applies to: Premium Members

Our world-first cyber safety expert program brings professional advice into your home. You have access to predefined rules which can be applied or easily modified to suit your Family’s needs. The Cyber Expert filtering is applied through your Family Zone Box and any devices running the Family Zone app.

Cyber Expert profiles take the guesswork out of setting your child’s internet filtering rules, calendar, and routines.  

Who and what are Cyber Experts?

Cyber Experts are our renowned team of child psychologists, educators, and law enforcement professionals. The experts are specialists in the online world and its impact on our children.

Our Cyber Experts are available to you for free, offering you advice, insights, and ongoing support as you and your family navigate the digital world.

What are Cyber Expert Profiles?

Cyber Expert Profiles are pre-configured sets of rules for what websites and apps can be accessed by certain age profiles. These are defined in Age Profile Controls which you get access to when you sign up with us.

Age Profiles

Family Zone uses age groups  created by our Cyber Experts:

  • Kids (0-8 years old)
  • Children (9-12 years old) 
  • Juniors (Junior High & Middle School, 13-15 years old)
  • Seniors (Senior High School, 16-17 years old)
  • Young Adults (18-21 years old)
  • Adults (21+ years old)

By default the age is determined by the birthdate. Parents can use the advanced settings to set the age profile manually or by the school year.


Family Zone Box Profiles

In Australia and New Zealand, unknown devices are added to one of the following safe profiles when connecting to a home network hosted by a Family Zone Box.

  • Guest (applied to unknown devices logging onto your Family Zone Box with a password)
  • Safety Net (compares and applies the most cautious rules to a visiting device running Family Zone from a different Family)

All family members assigned that age profiles will have the same policies applied to them.

How often do Cyber Experts update the profiles?

Everyday. The Cyber Experts keep the profiles relevant and make regular improvements to the filters.

Are my children automatically moved to older profiles?

Yes, your children are automatically moved up profiles on their birthday.  For example, when a child turns 13, their profile moves from the Children to the Juniors settings.  

Can I modify Cyber Expert Profiles?

Yes, you can modify almost all settings.

Remember, changes only apply to the specific Age Profile you change. The changes do not apply to the other age profiles in your family. Consider checking all the profiles when changing the settings.

How can I modify the Cyber Expert Profiles?

You can modify Cyber Expert profiles or override them in a number of ways:



Why are adults assigned age profiles?

The adults are assigned age profiles to allow them to manage their own online access. The Family Zone Box and Family Zone App filtering technology can detect and block adults from high-risk websites, such as sites known to contain computer viruses and malware.

Can I put my child on a profile that differs from their age?

Yes, you can manually select an age profile.

How to Change Your Child's Age Profile in the iOS App?
How to Change Your Child's Age Profile in the Android App?

Can I suggest changes to profile settings?

Yes, Family Zone welcomes feedback. Contact our support team with your suggestions.

Do I need to use a Cyber Expert provided profile?

No, you can choose to turn off your Cyber Expert profile which will default the current settings.