Content Filtering Guide

Applies to: Family Zone Premium Members

What is Content Filtering?

Content filtering is the process of inspecting and restricting access to internet content. Family Zone filtering can limit a child's access to websites and online access to games, social media, and streaming services.  Our content filtering service allows you to easily control the internet and app activity of your children. You can take advantage of pre-set age-profile defaults to protect your child automatically and even set custom rules for specific websites. .

Customize school, study, play and sleep times by setting routines that work for you. The Insights content monitoring remains available after the content filtering is turned on.

How does Content Filtering Work?

Our content filtering system is constantly at work searching the internet, identifying and classifying web pages and internet traffic. Once a website or traffic has been assigned a Category, our content filtering will:

  • Check your child’s routine to determine their current access period (Play, School, Study, and Sleep).
  • Check the category against their age profile settings.
  • Determine access based on whether that category is blocked or allowed in an access period.

What is a Web Category?

A Web Category is a logical grouping of internet traffic that allows us to control access to similar types of websites or apps. Categories include Education, Email, News and Entertainment, Web Conferencing and so on.

How can I tell what Web Category a website is?

Go to the Insights content monitoring menu in your Family Zone Portal, and click the link associated with the website.  A summary of the website category and potential risks are displayed.

Can I tell what Web Category app traffic is?

Yes. We’ve included the Web Category for iOS (Apple) and Android apps in their review.

Can or should I modify the suggested rules?

Our Cyber Experts have taken great care in putting together recommended settings, but you can modify them to suite your needs. Please be aware that because of the complexity of the internet, unexpected results can occur sometimes.

How can I understand the impact of changing category settings?

Each category includes an explanation of the category and types of websites associated. If you have any more queries, please contact our support team.

Can I control access to specific websites?

Yes. Through the Family Zone Portal and Parent App you can add web addresses and you can choose which Age Profiles and access periods to block or permit access.

Can I control access to specific apps?

Some. You should check out the Internet Filtering & Rules section of your online account for apps that we can control specifically.  We’ve put in controls for the most popular apps.

My kids use an app which does not appear in the list. Can I get it added?

Possibly. Please contact Family Zone Support (US | ANZ) and they’ll have a look.

Can I control Facebook separately to Instagram and WhatsApp?

Not right now. Facebook owns all of these services and provides them through the same platforms, making it impossible for us to differentiate between usage of them.

Can Android notifications be blocked?

No. At this stage, we are unable to isolate and control Android Push Notifications. Android Push Notification are blocked during Sleep time, along with other Internet-enabled functions.

How does Content Filtering work with School Community?

If your child is linked or enrolled to a School which participates in our School Community service then internet access will be controlled by your child’s school during school time. School time is determined by the School. 

If you wish to temporarily control your child’s access during school time you can change your child’s routine through a quick time change (in User dashboard) or by changing the day type (in User > Calendar) .

To permanently remove access of your school during school time you will need to unlink the school. Go to User > Settings.

Can a website be assigned the wrong Category?

Yes. The categorization engine is clever, but it isn’t perfect. So you may occasionally find sites that have not yet been categorized or may be incorrectly categorized. Please contact Family Zone Support (US | ANZ) you believe you have found an error or issue. Only by working together can we keep our kids safe.