Security PIN, Password or Email

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members 

Parent's app: iOS or Android 

Article type: Optional steps

Security Settings

Parents may want to change their PIN (to sign in to a Child's devices), Password (to install the Connect App), or Email (for notifications).

Your PIN

Change the PIN you use to sign in to your Child's devices to check and change their Device settings. Premium Members can use the PIN to turn off filtering on their Child's Devices.

  • In Security settings, tap Change parental PIN
  • Type 4 numbers 
    Tap Set PIN 

Your Password

Change the password you use when you install the Connect App on your Child's devices. The first Parent to sign up to Family Zone may also use a password to change the billing options.

  1. In Security settings, tap Change password 
  2. Type your new password in New password 
    and again in New password confirmation
    Tap Change password 

Your Email Address

Change the email address where you receive weekly reports and notifications.


If you linked your Child's Device in the School Community, ask your Child's School to update your email address. 

Your email address links your Child's Devices to your Child's School time activity. You may not be able to access your Child's School time before your Child's School has updated your email address in their system.

  1. In  Security Settings, tap Change email
  2. In New email, enter your new address
  3. Tap Change email

Your Fingerprint and Face ID

If your phone or tablet has a fingerprint or face ID set up, you will see the option to Login with Fingerprint / FaceID. If you do not see the option, the "biometric sign in" is not set up or your device does not have this option.

  • Tap the Login with Fingerprint / FaceID 
    Blue is on
    Gray is off

The next time you open Connect App on your phone or tablet, you can use the biometric sign in.

What is the difference between a password and a PIN?


Parents use a password to add, edit or remove details about the Family members. The password are needed to make changes to billing and subscriptions. Passwords are used to turn off tracking, remove devices from the Family, and uninstall Family Zone from a Child's device.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) 

A Parent uses their PIN to authorize changes such as changing Sleep time to Play or Study time. Parents have the option to also set a PIN for a Child. The PIN is used to borrow a phone, tablet or computer with the access level set by the Parent.

Fingerprint ID and Face ID (biometric) Logins 

The "biometric login" is used by a Parent to prevent a Child from opening the Connect app on a Parent's phone. Biometric data is stored on a phone or tablet and cannot be accessed by Family Zone.