Change Your Child's Age Profile

Applies to: Premium Members 

Parent's app: Android or iOS

Article type: Advanced options

Edit an Age Profile

Our Family Zone Online Safety Experts have preconfigured Age Profiles. We've evaluated the types of apps and websites to match the different levels of maturity as children grow up. As a Parent, you can override the age group set by your Child's birthday. You can move your Child into an older or younger Age Profile.

From a phone or tablet:

  1. In Family, tap on your Child's icon 
  2. Tap Edit 
  3. Go down to the bottom of your Child's details 
  4. Tap Internet filter age profile 
  5. Tap on a different Age Profile 
  6. Tap Done 

The change takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to sync with your Child's devices connected to the internet.

Filtering Type Comparison

Family Zone's default settings are designed to fit most Children as they grow up. As your Child matures they are ready to access a wider range of online content. Premium Members can adjust the filtering to fit their Child. Use this comparison to choose the best changes to help your Child.

1. Internet filters & rules
Optional steps for all children in the Age profile

Turn on and off access to online content based on the Routine type for each Child. For example, 2 children in the same age group start Play time an hour apart. As each Child's Play time starts, the web content is allowed or blocked based on these filters and rules.

2. Routines
Optional steps per Child

Set time of day for Play, Study, School, and Sleep time per child. For example, a Parent can allow a Child to have more access to the Internet by increasing or adding the Play hours. Edit the weekday School Day or the weekend Rest Day schedule.

3. Age profile
Advanced option per Child

Use predefined cyber safety age groups with recommended cyber safety settings. The Child's birthdate sets the Age profile. A Parent has the option to move a Child to a more restrictive (younger) profile or less restrictive (older) profile. Advanced options are available to override the automatic updates to the next age group on a Child's birthday.