Cancel an App Store Subscription

Applies to: Premium Members using the App Store subscription on an iPhone or iPad 

Article type: Advanced options

Cancel a Premium Membership

Parents with Premium Membership purchased through the App Store can use their Apple device to downgrade to an Insights Membership.

From a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In your iOS Settings, tap on your name
  2. Tap Subscriptions
  3. Tap on Family Zone 
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription
  5. Tap Confirm on the Confirm Cancellation pop up
  6. Tap Done in the top right

You are done and have returned to a free Insights Membership. You can still use Family Zone to monitor the types of content monitored Family members are accessing.

If you are a Premium Member in Australia or New Zealand and see "Your subscription was not made through the App Store", refer to How to Cancel in the Web Portal.

Please contact our support team if you need additional help with your membership. We are here to help.


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