Calendars and Routines Guide

Applies to: Premium Members only

What is a Routine?

Calendars and Routines allow parents to manage screen-time and set times for their children to access the internet. These easy to use features allow you to set access rules to suit your family’s lifestyle and schedule.

A Routine is a schedule of access periods within a day. For example, you may be happy for your child to study before school, access school related sites during school and then access online games for a couple of hours after school.  This is a routine and we let you set them for each child in your family.

We let you set Routines for School Days and Rest Days. We also let you create custom routines for recurring special days, like when your children are at after school sports or tutoring.

What are Access Periods?

We offer four access periods to manage what your children can do online. These periods are Play, School, Study, and Sleep time. Login as a parent to the Family Zone App (or the Family Zone Portal on a computer). Go to Settings and click on the child's user account to define what your children can and can’t do during the Access Period times.

Your child’s Calendar and Routine determine the time of day an Access Period applies.

Play Time

Play Time is the most relaxed access period, suitable for after school and on the weekends. Games, streaming and social media are all typically allowed during this access period. Inappropriate and adult content is, however, still blocked.

School Time

School Time allows access to the general internet, however, distractions such as games, streaming and social media are all blocked, allowing kids to focus on their studies. Inappropriate and adult content is blocked during this access period.

Study Time

Study Time has the same default settings as School Time in that distractions such as games, streaming and social media are all blocked. However, parents can use Study Time to give their children additional access, such as allowing music while they complete their homework. Inappropriate and adult content is blocked during this access period.

Sleep Time

Sleep Time blocks all internet access by default. Sleep Time is used at bedtime to stop all devices from accessing the internet. All content is blocked during this access period.

What is a Calendar?

A calendar defines what day types are applicable on what day. For example, Sundays are often set to Rest Days and Mondays set to be School Days.

Through your child’s calendar you can change individual days to School or Rest days. Or, you can change how School or Rest days are filter online content.

How do I set Routines for my child?

A default routine is already set up. If you child's school is a Family Zone Partner School, the School Community function will automatically update the school hours with your Family Zone account.

Login to the Family Zone App or the Family Zone Portal as a parent to change the default routine hours.

How do I set Calendars for my child?

You can set your child's calendar through their profile through Access Controls > Calendar in the Family Zone Parent App or through their dashboard access through the Family dashboard in the Family Zone Portal. 

We've set up a base calendar for them and if you're linked to a partner school, we've taken their school holidays into account as well.

Is it possible to change all my children’s calendars at once?

Not at this stage.  We do have an item on our roadmap to allow you to do this.

Can I modify access during family or school holidays?

Yes.  You can add holidays into your child’s calendar.  Family Zone Partner School's school breaks and holidays automatically sync to your child's calendar when your Family Zone account is linked to the school.

Can I set the amount of time my child can use an app or the internet during the day?


Can I create custom or recurring routines for different days?

Yes, you can. This is a great feature if your children have irregular patterns of internet access each week or for a particular day. For example, you might want to make bedtime on Friday and Saturday nights a little later as there is no school in the morning.